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Safely on board and heading for Italy

We reached Patras port with our precious cargo, where all the dogs had a leg stretch before we got on board the ferry to Italy. Foxy and Felicia enjoying the late afternoon sunshine Fudge has a good stride about… …then sits to attention outside the customs office. Perhaps he's looking for a new job after demonstrating his sniffing skills? Bella gives us a big grin Tucked away in a shady spot, the Animalcouriers gang are ready to set sail Although there are kennels on board the boat, we prefer [...]

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Introducing the Greek dogs who are travelling with us to the UK

We have a great collection of dogs on board this trip, some rescues going to new homes, and some family dogs rejoining their owners in the UK. Marina delivered her French Bulldog Bella to us, who is anxiously awaited by Konstantidos in London. Try as we might we couldn't get a photo of Marina and Bella facing the same way, but a piece of dry toast got Bella's attention for long enough to get this close-up of her. Marina with Bella, who wonders if there might be more toast in this crate This is Foxy, [...]

Meet the Greek cats who are heading for the UK

We have a wonderful collection of furry felines on board the Animalcouriers trip from Greece to the UK. We'll introduce our canine crew in the next blog. Gorgeous tripod Omorfia, who was rescued after being hit by a car and, following a remarkable recovery, is now travelling with us to her new home in Derbyshire -  read her story here One-eyed Lucky, who was found skinny and ill on the streets, and is now travelling to her new family in Cornwall - read her story here)   This is Hector, who's travelling with Kalista. These [...]

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