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Helping Arfar to cool down

After half an hour on the road we could hear Arfar breathing very loudly. Concerned that it sounded rather strained, we stopped to check on him. Poor Arfar was stretched out in his bedroom, seemingly unable to move. Luckily there was a water trough nearby, so we carried him over to it and turned on the cold tap to cool him down under the running water. Within a very short time he was back to normal, standing up and looking at us as if to say, "That's better! Time to get back on the road now." He then walked in [...]

Collecting our passengers in Spain and Portugal

Yesterday Animalcouriers enjoyed the sights of Spain as they drove through that beautiful country and crossed into Portugal. Our first collection was Natalia in the Algarve, who for a while was the only dog on our trip. After Natalie it was the turn of Pedro and Vera's four cats, also collected in the Algarve region. Vera is already working at Prêt à Manger in Birmingham. Now that Vera has found accommodation that accepts cats, Pedro and their four cats are off to join her. In the meantime, Pedro has been learning to speak what is now very good English. Tom's [...]

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