Daily Archives: September 25, 2013

A somewhat bracing morning walk on deck

The sea was fairly choppy as Animalcouriers walked Casper and Roxi on deck this morning. Another 20 or so dogs were out for a constitutional at the same time. The movement of the boat doesn't seem to be bothering these two little Pekes, who seem to be made of stern stuff. They had a good sniff around, and have eaten — and kept down — everything courier J has fed them. Needless to say she's been choosing their food carefully to help keep their tummies calm. Two Staffies sharing a kennel nearby were sick, and their owners were in a [...]

Casper and Roxi are heading south

Yesterday Animalcouriers set off from Portsmouth on the sea crossing to Santander in north-west Spain. We're travelling with Brittany Ferries on the Pont-Aven boat. On board are sweet Pekinese pair Casper and Roxi. Once we reach dry land, we'll be heading all the way to Portugal to collect Toffee and Fudge. At the check-in for the onboard kennels on the ferry. There are 53 dogs on this ferry crossing! Casper and Roxi have kennel 15, which is clean and spacious with plenty of room for their beds Apologies for our absence from the blogosphere - we're [...]

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