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Anne and Brian’s Ragdolls explore their new home

Anne and Brian have planned their new home in the Perpignan area of France with their 12 cats in mind. When we arrived to deliver the cats, there were toys, fresh food and water, and special bedrooms all ready. Anne and Brian have been leading lights in Ragdoll cat circles, participating in cat shows most weekends. Now they'll be taking a stall at village markets near their new home to sell goods inspired by their cats, such as scratching posts made by Brian. Great excitement as the 'kittens' (as Anne calls them) spot her and Brian when we open [...]

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Five cats are leaving Spain and Portugal behind and moving to the UK

Animalcouriers collected five cats in Spain and Portugal who're all heading off to start new lives in the UK. Lovely Amelie from Braga is off to Wakefield where her owners Flavia and Ben have relocated Gorgeous Romeo and Panderinha are travelling to London to rejoin Rui Jack is relocating with Catia to England. Catia's grandmother, Dunia, has been looking after Jack while he waited to join our trip When Denis's owners moved to London, Denis was booked to fly too. But at the last minute the airline couldn't include him in the family's [...]

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Taking care of the Ragdolls

Given that there are a dozen Ragdolls on this trip, and also that a number of them need specific medication, their owners Anne and Brian have helpfully provided us with labelled photographs of each cat, and corresponding information in our trip book. In addition, we have a 'van plan' of who's in which compartment, just to be on the safe side. Lining up the medication and matching it to each cat Ragdolls are known for being docile, but it's amazing how completely chilled out this one is about using an inhaler Meanwhile, the local inhabitant Ragdolls [...]

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12 Ragdoll cats swap Lancashire for Perpignan

Animalcouriers is transporting 12 beautiful Ragdoll cats from England to the south of France. They belong to Anne and Brian, who are great lovers of this breed of large, gentle, fluffy felines. Anne in particular is quite an expert in cat care — to the extent that the local vet in Lancashire is going to miss her advice on cat health. Among those travelling with us, several are on medication and one even has its own rather impressive asthma inhaler! We are big fans of Ragdolls ourselves — our friends in Narbonne where we'll be staying tonight have two of [...]

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A somewhat bracing morning walk on deck

The sea was fairly choppy as Animalcouriers walked Casper and Roxi on deck this morning. Another 20 or so dogs were out for a constitutional at the same time. The movement of the boat doesn't seem to be bothering these two little Pekes, who seem to be made of stern stuff. They had a good sniff around, and have eaten — and kept down — everything courier J has fed them. Needless to say she's been choosing their food carefully to help keep their tummies calm. Two Staffies sharing a kennel nearby were sick, and their owners were in a [...]

Casper and Roxi are heading south

Yesterday Animalcouriers set off from Portsmouth on the sea crossing to Santander in north-west Spain. We're travelling with Brittany Ferries on the Pont-Aven boat. On board are sweet Pekinese pair Casper and Roxi. Once we reach dry land, we'll be heading all the way to Portugal to collect Toffee and Fudge. At the check-in for the onboard kennels on the ferry. There are 53 dogs on this ferry crossing! Casper and Roxi have kennel 15, which is clean and spacious with plenty of room for their beds Apologies for our absence from the blogosphere - we're [...]

A very full passenger list heading to the UK

Animalcouriers is heading to the UK with a fantastic group of cats and dogs from France and Spain. We spent last night in Narbonne, and this morning took a peek at one of the local caves cooperatives to see how the grape harvest (the vendanges) is going this year. We reached Paris this evening, and expect to cross to the UK tomorrow. French Bulldogs Lola and Pegie are from Seville. Here they are taking in the view. This very sweet pair are travelling with us to Manchester. Pegie on the left, Lola on the right. [...]

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Walking in the shadow of Mont Blanc

Animalcouriers enjoyed amazing views of Mont Blanc while walking the dogs this morning. We made good time on our journey today and reached Calais at 7pm. We think the dogs are noticing the cooler weather as there was a definite spring in their step when we walked them this evening. We check in at 8.30 tomorrow morning and should reach our Surrey base by about lunchtime. After being a little travel sick, Bubbles has perked up no end — must be the fresh mountaiin air — and enjoyed a serious nose around in the undergrowth as we walked under [...]

Fun watching horses in Siena, and now we’re headed for France

We collected Bubbles, who belongs to Lis and Luigi. Bubbles is travelling with Animalcouriers to London as Lis and Luigi are moving there with Luigi's job. They're looking forward to a break from Italian bureaucracy, but don't expect to stay away forever as there are too many other lovely aspects to Italy. We also collected Gianlugi's dog Cometa at Siena station, en route for France. Cometa has been staying with Gianluca's brother and sister-in-law until we could collect her. Also on board are Winston, Roxy and Lola, who travelled with Animalcouriers to the Greek island of Zakynthos earlier in the [...]

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Leaving Greece, driving through Italy

Animalcouriers disembarked from the overnight Patras ferry early yesterday morning, then headed towards Assisi in Italy's Tuscany region, where they spent last night. Carolina is settling well into the routine of the journey A closer look at the marvellous bow on Carolina's collar. These are made specially for each Filozoikos dog by one of the shelter's talented and caring volunteers. The wound on Rosa's leg is healing nicely and she's being very cooperative about taking her pills — nothing to do with the cheese we wrap them in of course! Like Carolina, Rosa [...]

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