Animalcouriers spent last night in Guadalajara, our last stop in Spain before crossing the border into France today.


We had a call from Eliza asking if we could collect her cat Margot from Madrid. As you can see, she’s a very pretty tabby.


Handsome Siamese cat Evon is also on board. He’s been chatting away to us this morning, telling us how much he’s looking forward to catching up with Sara.


Nikita with the sun behind her, but not as beautiful as she is!


Nikita is very sociable and loves playing games when we’re out for a walk. She has a great doggy sense of humour!


Her favourite game consists of leaping up into the air, twisting around, then landing gently on all four paws.


Jake tends to maintain a very sober expression on his face, but if you check at the back end, his tail’s always wagging


Jake strikes us a quite a conservative sort of chap, so we were rather surprised to notice he’s sporting pink nail varnish! He clammed up when we asked him if there was anything he wanted to tell us. We suspect the answer lies in the fact that there are teenage girls in his family!


Jake is determined not to give anything away


Lexi and Leo leaping up as they catch sight of each other — this is what most of our walks with them are like!


Caught in a rare moment of stillness. They’re a gorgeous pair of Labs.


Leo putting on a cute look as he sits


Can’t hold it for too long though!


Lexi wonders if the ‘training’ is going to be hard work