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Four cats swap Bilbao for Strasbourg

Animalcouriers collected a family of four gorgeous cats from Bilbao in northern Spain. Cosmetic, Charm, Skoda and Fika are travelling with us to Strasbourg in north-eastern France, to rejoin their owners Ewa and David. Cosmetic likes to know what's going on Charm has a very winsome look Skoda tries out every travelling cat's favourite spot — the litter tray Fika shows off her beautiful markings

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Energetic reunions for Karen in Ireland

Animalcouriers had a 14-hour day yesterday, which included a very choppy sea trip, to bring 13 of Karen's 15 dogs to her at their new home in Ireland. It's a lovely country house with plenty of acres for the dogs to be wonderfully happy in. Karen greeting the first Bull Mastiff out of the van They all went fairly bonkers, racing around exploring their new environment Getting a photo of any of them was pretty tricky! Sasha enjoys a drink So many new smells to check out After a [...]

15 dogs are moving to Ireland

Karen is moving to County Wicklow in Ireland, and her 15 dogs are going too. Very early this morning Animalcouriers called in at Lyfame Kennels in Newbury, Berkshire to collected six Bull Mastiffs, five American Cockers, a Lurcher and a Jack Russell. Two Bull Mastiffs have already gone on ahead with Karen. Utah Lala Rafi Jonah Jonah with his sister Donna Freddie with a puppy Stephanie Mr Seth Elvera Sasha Gypsy with Sasha

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Tilly is moving all the way to New Zealand

Gorgeous Tilly is off to join her owners at their new home in Christchurch, New Zealand. She'll be flying out of the UK. Until last month Tilly and her family were living in France. To meet New Zealand's entry requirement to be resident in the country of departure for six months before travel, her family thought Tilly would have to stay with family members in Devon until the end of the year. Fortunately, however, New Zealand has recently changed its policy. Special permission to enter can now be granted if the countries of residence and departure are in the same category, [...]

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Cats Sindy, Happy and Maya from France are now on board

Animalcouriers met up with Katrina and her beautiful cat Sindy in the Dordogne region of France. They're off back to Welwyn Garden City to join Katrina's mum. Then in Poitou Charentes we collected Happy and Maya, a glamorous and gentle pair. They have a big trip ahead of them as they're going all the way to Aberdeen to rejoin Muriel. Katrina with Sindy Happy and Maya with the kind veterinary nurse who's been looking after them Happy Maya Milo out walking in St Emilion Jake is rather beautifully set [...]

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More passengers join our trip, and we’re now heading north through France

Yesterday we were joined on our trip by Bernese Mountain Dog Milo and a troupe of five gerbils from Provence, and a Pug called Maya and Chai the cat (we're still to get a picture of shy and retiring Chai) from Barcelona. We spent last night with friends in Narbonne where all our passengers enjoyed breezy walks through the vineyard and by the canal. Today we've collected young Imperi, a Singapura cat bred by Jackie and Stephen. This is a delicate breed of cat and quite hard to rear. Imperi is heading to her new home with Marianne in Surrey. [...]

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Last night in Guadalajara (the one in Spain)

Animalcouriers spent last night in Guadalajara, our last stop in Spain before crossing the border into France today. We had a call from Eliza asking if we could collect her cat Margot from Madrid. As you can see, she's a very pretty tabby. Handsome Siamese cat Evon is also on board. He's been chatting away to us this morning, telling us how much he's looking forward to catching up with Sara. Nikita with the sun behind her, but not as beautiful as she is! Nikita is very sociable and loves playing games when [...]

Lexi and Leo from La Linea and Jake from Estepona

Animalcouriers met up with Tom and his 10-month old Yellow Labs, Lexi and Leo, in La Linea, which is near Gibraltar. They're off to Ireland for gundog training. Tom says he takes a fortnight's holiday to train them and as soon as he goes back to work, it all goes out the window! Weimaraner Jake is one of our frequent travellers. He's on his way back to Dublin from his holidays in the Estepona region. It was already warming up for an expected 37C when we collected him. Tom with Lexi and Leo Lexi and Leo get [...]

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