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A night in Burgos, and delivering Lucas and Scrappy in Madrid

Animalcouriers spent Friday night at the Hotel Ciudad de Burgos, where we've stayed many times over the last eight years. It has a lovely garden and is very welcoming to pets. Scrappy knows how to look very cute indeed Mia is a very quiet and chiiled out dog who doesn't seem at all fazed by the journey Lucas enjoys a cuddle with courier M Scrappy tries out for the 'longest tongue' competition Mia would like to enter the longest tongue competition, but unfortunately she can't even tickle her own nose with [...]

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Derek and Clive have reached their Danish destination

These delightful felines have been great travel companions, full of purrs and up to plenty of tricks. One of their most endearing habits is to jointly eat all the food in one bowl before moving on to the second one together! Their new home is in the beautiful town of Vejle with its magnificent marina and beaches full of sunbathers. There was a brief delay before transferring Derek and Clive from their travel compartment to their carry boxes, as much to the amusement of everyone (except courier S!), Derek chose that very moment to leave a large 'going-away present' in [...]

A walk in the vines for Snoopy before rejoining his family for the summer

Snoopy enjoyed a good walk in the early morning sunshine before heading off to join his family who're spending the summer in the Provence region. Snoopy is a very charming and well behaved chap, who loves attention and head rubs. Out for a walk Reunited with his family

Sonny Boy gets a rapturous welcome, and courier S gets cake

The leggy Lurcher pup who travelled with Animalcouriers from the UK has reached his new home in Germany. Now named Sonny Boy, this bundle of energy made his presence known by leaping straight into his huge new bed and bounding around his beautiful new garden. The blue sculpture was created by his owner as a loving tribute to one of Sonny Boy's bloodline who passed away last year after 13 wonderfully happy years. The family had so loved this dog, they went back to the same breeder, Sally, for the next generation — and Sonny Boy looks set to fill [...]

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Poppy is off to Germany for some special training

Animalcouriers collected German Shepherd Dog Poppy on the way to boarding the ferry at Harwich last night.Poppy, who hails from from Norfolk, is travelling with us to Germany for some intensive tracking training, as she has done before. You can find out more about Poppy here. Lovely Poppy

Meanwhile, Derek and Clive and a Lurcher pup are heading to northern Europe

The Animalcouriers trip to Germany and Scandinavia got going today and will be taking the overnight ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland. On board are a handsome pair of ginger tabby cats bound for Denmark, and a gorgeous Lurcher puppy from the West Midlands who's off to start a new life near Hannover in Germany. Derek and Clive are very laid back and relaxed about their journey. They'll doubtless find the fjords and forested hills of south-east Jutland quite different from what they've been used to in West Sussex. All legs and ears at the [...]

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All aboard for our trip to France and Spain

Animalcouriers are about to set off on their next trip with pets heading for French and Spanish destinations. Cute Westie Lucas, who's off to join Elena in Madrid, has been homeboarding with us for a few days before the trip starts. Lucas has been the perfect houseguest, very loving and good-natured Lucas ready for the off Scrappy was originally a street dog who was lucky enough to be adopted by English teacher Victoria. We met them last year when they came over to the UK from South America. Now they've decided to head back to [...]

An update on Fly, who’s had three gorgeous puppies

Last year Animalcouriers helped to get long-haired Chihuahua Fly from Spain to the UK. Her journey included a stay with our vet Diana in France, where Diana's son Harry helped take care of her. Fly's owner has stayed in touch and recently wrote to tell Diana that Fly has had three lovely babies. Fly with her pups when they were still very tiny Fly's owner with two of the pups Proud mum Fly

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Wally, Scruffy and Pixie discover the green, green grass of home

This trio of firm friends flew in to London Heathrow from Abu Dhabi yesterday. While their paperwork was cleared they had a rest, then travelled by road with Animalcouriers to a beautiful village in Wales, where a steam train runs down to the lush green valley. It will be quite a change in environment for these three pets who've been used to the heat and sand of Abu Dhabi. All three were originally street animals, who were rescued by their wonderful owners, and are now looking forward to a new life in the Welsh hills. Pixie is such a [...]

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