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Luxury stopovers for Sussi, Marnie and Moses; and love at first sight for Madame and her new owner

Having put Nizze safely into the hands of his excited new family at Harwich, Animalcouriers delivered Sussi, Marnie and Moses to their temporary billets, and Madame to her delighted new owner. Sussi is homeboarding with Animalcouriers' Lyn until her owners arrive Sussi on the right, with Poppy (centre) and Arnie (left), enjoying home-baked dog biscuits in Lyn's garden Sussi's feline siblings checked into the Balneath Wood Boutique Cat Hotel.  On the door it says 'holidays for the discerning cat'. Here's Moses, who along with Marnie, is staying in the 'London suite' for a couple of weeks. [...]

Walks on the beach in Almeria

Last night Animalcouriers reached Almeria, where it's not quite as hot as it usually is at this time of year. This morning we joined holidaymakers at the seaside to walk our doggy passengers. Tonight we expect to reach Barcelona. Biscuit stops for a short break during his stroll on the paseo Milagros strikes a pose as she watches the early-morning joggers and walkers on the beach… …and meets other dogs out walking Misty and Polly get into a bit of a tangle on their walk — only to be expected from this pair [...]

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A calm crossing to Harwich, and Nizze is our first delivery

Last night Animalcouriers took the dogs who've travelled with us from Sweden and Germany for a good long breezy walk by the canals in Gouda, before hopping on board the overnight ferry from the Hook of Holland. Nizze enjoys his evening stroll Madame looks like a mini-Nizze, only in reverse Sussi breathes in the fresh air A flat sea for a calm crossing We arrived at Harwich ferry terminal to be met by Nizze's new owners, who were too excited to wait for home delivery! Nizze settled straight down in the [...]

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Stopping off for lunch with Oscar

On our way north through Spain, Animalcouriers stopped off for lunch with chocolate Labrador Oscar. You may remember we delivered him to John and Margaret from his French breeder in January 2011. Time to play ball Time to look super-cute Time for a nap Oscar with John, Margaret and Fergus waving us goodbye. Oscar and John competing for the longest tongue competition!

Another adorable Afghan puppy has joined us in Germany

Animalcouriers collected Afghan puppy Madame from Velbert in north-eastern Germany. She's just three months old, so it's all quite a big adventure for a littl'un. She'll have lots of TLC on the journey, and we're sure she'll soon make lots of friends at her new home in Somerset. Little Madame Madame playing with her sister Princess when we arrived Courier S fancies this as her new ride! Does anyone else think that German recycling bins look like Dr Who Daleks?  

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On our way back from Portugal, collecting pets in Spain

Having reunited Mia with Maureen in the Algarve, the Animalcouriers southern European trip is now heading back north through Spain, collecting a number of delightful pets along the way. We stopped at Sotogrande in Andalusia to pick up Milagros. Starving and in a terrible state, she was lucky enough to be found and rescued by Miranda. Milagros has been staying with a kind Spanish friend of Miranda's, who's helped to nurse her back into the much better condition she's in now, ready for her journey to the UK to rejoin Miranda. Tracey and Stacey have decided to [...]

Last night in Bremen with Nizze, Sussi, Moses and Marnie

Springer Spaniel Sussi didn't want to spend the night alone so stayed in couriers S's room. She behaved beautifully — if you don't count the usual tussle for the best spot on the bed! This morning she work early with the birdsong and the sunshine, so it was straight off for a morning walk. Although Animalcouriers have stayed in Bremen in north-west Germany many times before, Sussi was clever enough to discover a wonderful new park full of ponds, wildflowers and birds. Meanwhile we've worked out that it's best to separate Moses and Marnie at meal times because Moses is [...]

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Mia is reunited with Maureen in Portugal

Animalcouriers reached Guia in the Algarve, where we met up with Mia's owner Maureen at the Animal Inn. It's where Mia stays if Maureen goes away on short trips while she's in Portugal. We were pleased to catch up with Animal Inn's owners, Diana and Bungie, over coffee, while Mia and Maureen were excitedly reunited. We had the honour of being inspected by a donkey when we dropped Mia off! Hello Mum! says Mia, jumping up at Maureen Mia is also pleased to see Diana again

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Sussi, Marnie and Moses are swapping Smailland for Sussex

It was a morning full of play for courier S when she reached the home of Sussi, Marnie and Moses. These three much loved pets are travelling with Animalcouriers from Sweden to the UK. Springer Spaniel Sussi insisted on playing ball in the beautiful garden, while very friendly cats Marnie and Moses demanded lots of attention and were determined to help with the paperwork! Sweet Sussi loves a game of fetch Moses in blue, Marnie in red Beautiful Marnie knows how to strike a pose for the camera Handsome Moses tries to get in [...]

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Noble Nizze joined the Animalcouriers trip in Sweden

This 17-month-old Afghan puppy joined us in the Stockholm area of Sweden for his journey to Suffolk in the UK. His father was twice world champion Afghan, so it's easy to see where Nizze gets his looks and poise from. He's an adorable, gentle giant who's an absolute pleasure to have on board. Wow, what a lot of pup! Denmark and Sweden in a single photo as we cross the famous bridge 'Authentic elk poo' sweeties for the office!

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