Daily Archives: July 12, 2013

Derek and Clive have reached their Danish destination

These delightful felines have been great travel companions, full of purrs and up to plenty of tricks. One of their most endearing habits is to jointly eat all the food in one bowl before moving on to the second one together! Their new home is in the beautiful town of Vejle with its magnificent marina and beaches full of sunbathers. There was a brief delay before transferring Derek and Clive from their travel compartment to their carry boxes, as much to the amusement of everyone (except courier S!), Derek chose that very moment to leave a large 'going-away present' in [...]

A walk in the vines for Snoopy before rejoining his family for the summer

Snoopy enjoyed a good walk in the early morning sunshine before heading off to join his family who're spending the summer in the Provence region. Snoopy is a very charming and well behaved chap, who loves attention and head rubs. Out for a walk Reunited with his family

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