Handsome young Olie is off to the Spanish sun

Four-year-old Golden Retriever Olie will shortly be travelling with Animalcouriers to the Marbella area of Spain. His Spanish owners have been living in the UK for a while, and are now heading back to the sun. Courier M has had the honour of looking after Olie for a few days. Olie is the perfect houseguest and has fitted in beautifully with courier M's own Golden Retriever, Amber. Olie's fine profile… …and wonderful grin Olie and Amber wait patiently for every dog's favourite treat! Can you tell which dog is which?

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Pepe is loving his new life in Scotland

Pepe recently travelled with Animalcouriers from Spain to the UK. He was rescued by Ciara from life as a street dog and has now settled in to his new home in Scotland. Ciara wrote to tell us how well Pepe is doing: "I just wanted to say a final thank you for everything! Without Animalcouriers it would have been financially impossible for me to import Pepe, and I couldn't have rescued him. So it's thanks to you that I can send you some pictures of him enjoying his new life on the west coast of Scotland — a far cry from [...]

Dogs from Italy and Switzerland are heading to the UK

Animalcouriers collected beautiful Spitz Jackie in Turin. She's travelling with us to rejoin Alex who's already in the UK. As you can imagine, Alex is very excited at the prospect of having her back. Jackie spent last night in Zurich with courier I and his girlfriend, who lives there, and was spoiled rotten! Black Labrador Winston joined us in Basel. He's on his way to Surrey, where he'll wait for his family to join him once they've packed up in Switzerland. On the journey today we're listening to music by The Chieftains and The Corrs, mainly because Jackie objected to [...]

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A mini-Lurcher pup from the Lake District has a new home in Bristol

Animalcouriers collected this delightful pup from England's Lake District, where she's been born and bred in the most beautiful surroundings. Called a mini-Lurcher, she's a first-cross Bedlington/Whippet. Having met her mum and dad, we're certain she'll make a wonderful pet for her new family in Bristol. What a cutie-pie And what a view!

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Our passengers from Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands have reached the UK

Animalcouriers reached the UK yesterday with Hagen, Sally, Tilly, Sam, Leon, Nicki, Kitty, Memphis and Ali; and Hagen has already been reunited with his family, much to everyone's excitement! Hagen enjoys a walk in the rainy English countryside Sally is focused on watching the early morning birds Energetic Tilly spots a rabbit Sam revelling in the cool morning air A last attempt to photograph Kitty and Nicki — pretty sure Kitty is sticking her tongue out! Entertaining Ail at rest for a moment Hagen waiting outside the [...]

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Passengers from the Netherlands and Belgium join Hagen on our UK-bound trip

Animalcouriers collected a family of three dogs and three cats from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, for their return trip to Cheshire in the UK. Sam the Greyhound, Sally the Saluki and Tilly the Jack Russell cross are travelling with their Siamese siblings Nicki, Leon and Kitty. Lovely black-and-white cat Memphis is moving from central Brussels to London. He's mostly keeping himself to himself but does love a stroke and a reassuring chat. And Ali cat is also moving from Brussels, all the way to Glasgow in Scotland. He's a real comedy character — every time we open the door he's in [...]

Hagen from Poland is travelling to Worcestershire

Animalcouriers collected elderly but very lively Hagan from Lodz, near Warsaw in Poland. His owner has a very young baby and is off to join her husband in Worcestershire in the UK, where everyone will be reunited including Hagan. The temperatures across central Europe are extremely hot at the moment. Luckily Hagan is travelling in an air-conditioned compartment, with comfort stops in the shadiest places we can find, including the German forests. In Eindhoven this evening it was still in the mid 30s at 9pm. So we took a brief stroll and will have a longer walk later in the [...]

12 young ospreys travel to Spain as part of a breeding programme

Animalcouriers arranged flights with BA for 12 osprey chicks to fly from Scotland to Spain as part of a breeding program for Urdaibai Bird Center in association with the University of the Basque Country. The ospreys transited briefly through London Heathrow, where they were fast-tracked by BA to keep their journey time as short as possible. The breeding program team wrote to tell us: “Everything went well and all 12 chicks are now safely in the hacking cages* in the Basque country. All of them had a good transit and are now eating plenty of fresh fish, prior to release later [...]

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Last night in Picardie, en route for the UK

Animalcouriers spent last night in the Picardie region of northern France, where the dogs enjoyed some fresh air and the couriers enjoyed some interesting wine with dinner. What service! A fine ginger tabby keeping us company over a glass of wine 'Arrogant frog' — an interesting organic wine from the Languedoc (nice and leggy!) Milagros showing off on a swing The swing is too tame for Pepe — he wants to know where the slide and the roundabout are! Poppy after her walk — for once not tangled up with Misty! [...]

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A dog, seven cats, a rabbit and a ferret have joined our UK-bound trip

As we motored northward through Spain yesterday we collected Pepe the dog, cats Osiris, Martes, Johny, Baby, Michu and Rosa, and Muba the rabbit. We also have a ferret on board who's proving a bit camera shy so we'll try again tomorrow! Having aimed to reach Barcelona last night, we made good enough time to cross the border into France and get as far as Narbonne. And as we drove up through France today, Fanny Bell joined us in the Dordogne region. Handsome Pepe is an Andaluz Podenco. Here he is with Laura who's been looking after him for [...]

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