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Calais here we come!

The five dogs from North Cyprus — Brandy, Roxy, Jasper, Tink and Reo — went to the vet yesterday afternoon for worming and their health check. All behaved impeccably and came through with flying colours. Animalcouriers also collected a final passenger at the same time — handsome, friendly black cat Mefisto, who's moving from Zurich to join Sabina in North London. We spent last night in the Metz area of France. We've just this minute arrived in Calais. There's a bite in the air and it's raining cats and dogs, so we put sweaters on for the first time in weeks. There [...]

Spending the night at the Hotel Villa Giarona

Yesterday evening we stopped off at the Hotel Villa Giarona in Pontenure. We were a little concerned that the car park was close to the road, as safe parking is obviously one of our top priorities with pets on board. We explained to the staff who immediately told us we could go "on the green in the back." So we did. The helpful hotel staff The green in the back The chef popped his head out to see what was going on, so we looked in to say hello Light and airy inside. The [...]

Last night in Ancona, first delivery today, and Lakme’s antics

We disembarked from the ferry at 11pm last night and headed straight for our favourite Locanda just behind Ancona, in the middle of the country. Called Locanda della Saline it has much to recommend it. Family run, there's no menu, you're simply served with a four-course dinner of the best locally grown, home-cooked food. Aware that the dogs hadn't really had a good leg stretch while on the boat, we did late-night walks in the dark, with crickets and fireflies for company. We finally turned in at about 1am, and by 6am the sun was up and so were we, enjoying the lovely [...]

The story of Rumy from Greece

It sounds as though Rumy, who is travelling with us from Athens, was very fortunate to be adopted by Michael. Here he tells us a bit about her background and habits:"Rumy was just one month old when I got her. Abandoned a few weeks after her birth, she was found in a car park and taken in by a girl who couldn’t keep her as she was already providing shelter for two dogs and three cats. Rumy is really shy and not very good with people (hides in the bathtub every time the doorbell rings) but once she likes someone, that changes. [...]

Crossing the Channel with Leroy and Nikita

These two beautiful, impeccably behaved Rhodesian Ridgebacks have cleared customs and are crossing the Channel to the UK. Because they originate from the US, their microchips are different from those used in Europe. So a special microchip reader had to be pressed into service. Fortunately, all went well, and they're on schedule to reach their new home in Cambridge later today. Leroy and Nikita showing their grace and style

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On board the overnight ferry from Patras

Our 6pm ferry from Patras initially looked to be running an hour late, but in fact arrived an hour and a half late and finally left, with all of us on board, at 10pm! We have a clear view of the van from the accommodation deck, and have been able to make regular visits to check on our passengers, feed and water them, and walk the dogs. The vehicle deck is secure, so we've also been able to leave van doors open to ensure a refreshing breeze. Because of changes to the ferry schedule, we had to take a much [...]

Heading north through France, collecting more passengers as we go

Gorgeous Husky duo Niebla and Trueno are travelling with Animalcouriers all the way to Aberdeen in Scotland. Hailing from Madrid in Spain, they are an incredibly friendly pair with calm, gentle characters who love human attention. Their coats are thick and soft to the touch, and they'll doubtless be glad of them in the colder Scottish weather. Niebla is Spanish for 'fog' and Trueno means 'thunder' — we experienced both of those weather conditions this morning! Cats Humbug, Merlin and Whisky have also joined our trip. They seem to prefer spending their time in a heap — that's how they're travelling [...]

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Meanwhile, waiting for the ferry from Greece to Italy

Waiting patiently for our ferry, which was running about an hour late, we all enjoyed the cooling evening breeze after what had been a hot day. Maja looking very chilled out Lakme in front, with Maja behind Lakme wants to know everything that's going on — she's a very nosy and chatty cat!   Buffy's observation post Barbara takes it lying down Billie keeps a watchful eye Rumy hasn't emerged yet! The three female dogs from Filozoikos, Maria, Kiki and Ioli have all been kitted [...]

Our Spanish and southern French passengers are safely on board

Animalcouriers collected cats Django and Gola who're swapping Barcelona for London. They're snuggled up inside their beds but pop out for strokes at every opportunity, purring away. Also from Barcelona are Golden Retriever cross Jasper and his Andalusian Podenco friend Lyssa, whose UK destination is a bit further away — the Scottish Highlands. These sweet dogs are being greatly missed by their loving owner. Kira is also from Spain, and is on her way to live in Sussex. Quite the comedian, this pretty dog demands attention every time we stop! In the south of France we collected handsome ginger boy [...]

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Collecting Maria, Sophocles, Kiki and Ioli from Athens’ Filozoikos shelter

We got lost on our way to the Filozoikos shelter when our satnav suddenly gave up the ghost. Must have found the Athens roads too demanding! Luckily, Martha and Kiki came to find us. Two of the dogs we collected have been at the shelter for over three years, the other two are recent arrivals. All are on their way to the UK where Conrad will be overseeing them to their new homes. Martha has told us a bit about each one. We got our usual warm and friendly welcome at the shelter from Martha (in pink), Kiki (far right) [...]