It sounds as though Rumy, who is travelling with us from Athens, was very fortunate to be adopted by Michael. Here he tells us a bit about her background and habits:

“Rumy was just one month old when I got her. Abandoned a few weeks after her birth, she was found in a car park and taken in by a girl who couldn’t keep her as she was already providing shelter for two dogs and three cats. 

Rumy is really shy and not very good with people (hides in the bathtub every time the doorbell rings) but once she likes someone, that changes. She is very demanding, especially when tuna is involved, incredibly chatty and, as it turns out, really lucky!

It was about two months ago that we started planning our move to England. Among other things, we had to make sure that Rumy had her microchip, passport and rabies shot done before we travelled. We wanted to get her spayed as well but we were running low on cash so were going to wait until we’d moved.

Fortunately some unexpected money came our way, so the first thing we did was to set an appointment with the vet for Rumy to be spayed. The big day finally arrived and it was one of the most stressful days of my life! When we went back to take her home the vet said that everything had gone fine and she was recovering, and there was only one complication.

Apparently Rumy had developed hydrometra (accumulation of watery fluid within the uterus) but because there were no external signs or symptoms, it would have been almost impossible to diagnose until was too late. A rupture could have been fatal, especially if it had happened during her journey to England!

We were so glad that she was safe and well, and although for the first two days after the operation she looked pathetic trying to walk straight and jump on furniture while still under the effects of the anaesthetic, she was fully recovered within two weeks.

The only downside is that since then it’s almost impossible to get her in her travel bag as Animalcouriers found out for themselves!”

I don't care who's at the door, I'm not answering it!

I don’t care who’s at the door, I’m not answering it!