Collecting Maria, Sophocles, Kiki and Ioli from Athens’ Filozoikos shelter

We got lost on our way to the Filozoikos shelter when our satnav suddenly gave up the ghost. Must have found the Athens roads too demanding! Luckily, Martha and Kiki came to find us. Two of the dogs we collected have been at the shelter for over three years, the other two are recent arrivals. All are on their way to the UK where Conrad will be overseeing them to their new homes. Martha has told us a bit about each one. We got our usual warm and friendly welcome at the shelter from Martha (in pink), Kiki (far right) [...]

Arrival in Athens, collecting cats

Animalcouriers were a bit late arriving in Athens. There was such congested boat traffic at the port, it was like being on a watery M25! Then people, cars, trucks and buses all tried to disembark from the ferry at the same time, leading to the usual pandemonium. Somehow it works, despite a complete disregard for 'elf and safety. Once we'd walked the dogs who've travelled with us from North Cyprus, our first stop was at Maria's to collect the Nine Lives Greece cats Maja and Lakme she's been fostering, and who have loving new homes to go to. You may [...]

Buffy, Billie and Barbara, from Turkey via Kos

Sue and David approached us last year about transporting three street kittens they'd found in Turkey, and we booked them onto the current trip. The kittens, now a trio of young cats, have been boarding at the Pethane Veteriner Klinigi in Bodrum. Carly, a British veterinary nurse married to one of the vets, has been looking after them, and has proved a godsend. We were due to collect Buffy, Billie and Barbara on 8 June, but as you will know if you're a regular reader of the Animalcouriers blog, we've had a few hold-ups on this trip! The cats' Turkish export [...]

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Leaving Kos, but only thanks to some generous truckers

Having done quite a bit of driving around Kos yesterday, Animalcouriers suddenly found themselves low on diesel. Given the way some parts of this trip have gone so far, we were quite convinced we would end up stalling and missing the ferry! Realising there wasn't enough time to get to a fuel station and back before the ferry left, courier J went into full charm mode on spotting a group of truckers. Truckers around the world are generally good sorts and kind to damsels in distress. With a plastic bottle and tube to hand, they quickly siphoned off a few litres [...]

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