A family of six are heading south for the summer; Bella is also on board

Animalcouriers are transporting a family of four cats and two dogs to their summer holiday home at Grasse, near Monaco. It was an early start for them all when we collected them this morning, but they quickly settled into the trip and all six have been beautifully behaved. Also on our trip to Grasse is Golden Retriever Bella, whose quiet and gentle nature endears her to everyone. Elvis the Turkish Van who's had a summer haircut Siamese cats Toblerone (aka Toby) and Tiramisu Third Siamese Koko Yorkshire Terriers Pepper and Corky [...]

After a record 25 hours in the port of Mersin, we are finally through!

They do say patience is a virtue — well, by now we're all feeling pretty virtuous. Last night, after supper and an evening walk for the dogs, Animalcouriers had to leave the van at Mersin port in police custody and go to the nearest hotel. This morning we were back at the port bright and early. A new police shift had appeared and were initially reluctant to let us into the port. "No ticket, no come in," they said. Then the friendly officers who'd kept a watchful eye on the van overnight appeared, greeting us with: "Good morning! Tea?" So in [...]

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