And it all seemed to be going so well…

After we left the veterinary department at Mersin port, Diana, Rory, Paige, Jayne and Janet went to check in for their return ferry to North Cyprus. As they reached the window, the very grumpy clerk said: "Closed. Closed at 5.00pm." Meanwhile, courier M was at customs getting Animalcouriers permission to leave the port in their van. But the entry of our van's numberplate onto the computer had a letter O in place of a zero. So they couldn't process the paperwork. We then discovered that Diana and her car were being refused permission to leave the port because, according the [...]

Last night’s crossing, and arrival in Mersin this morning

We waved goodbye to Nathan as he drove off in his grandmother Janet's car and boarded the ferry. Various members of the crew came to see us and there were several discussions about the dogs. We wanted the dogs to stay in the van, but were told we had to take them up onto the deck with us. "Upstairs OK," they said. So we started the process of decamping onto the back open deck — dog beds and blankets, food and water bowls, and all our own stuff. It took several trips, then we settled down and courier M opened a [...]

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