Ginger Nuts at the Denizkizi Hotel

Animalcouriers are enjoying the civilised comforts of the Denizkizi Hotel in North Cyprus. They were especially pleased to be greeted by 'Ginger Nuts' — a young ginger tom whose clipped ear indicates he's had the snip as part of Kyrenia Animal Rescue's neutering programme for stray cats. Last week he'd spent quite a bit of time sitting on courier M's lap (who gave him his name). As soon as he spotted us this time, he came straight over, as if to say, where have you been? Hello, I've missed you! The telltale clipped left ear [...]

Safely back in North Cyprus with our seven passengers

We eventually boarded the midnight ferry from the Turkish port of Tasucu, bound for Girne in North Cyprus, and it eventually left sometime after 3.00 this morning. The captain of the ferry turned out to be a dog lover, and kindly made sure we had a position on the top deck so that we could open up the doors so that the dogs had a refreshing breeze. The dogs are all well, if a little bored by now, and all have behaved impeccably. A credit to their owners! As usual with this ferry journey there was a great deal of [...]

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