Four more dogs, another cat and a love bird have joined our trip from southern Europe

Animalcouriers' trip north through Spain and towards the UK is fast filling up. Today courier I collected Perry the love bird in Fuengirola. Perry has been staying with courier A whose kids have really adored having her in the house. From there it was a short drive east along the coast road to Sotogrande (where the Ryder Cup is held, as all you golf fans will know). Here, courier I collected little Havanese dogs Jasper and Charlie and their 'surrogate mum' Muppet, a miniature Border Collie. His next stop was Calahonda for Marg the cat, who's still keeping her head down [...]

Next steps on our journey from North Cyprus

As you may imagine, while we've been holed up at Tasucu port, we've been looking at all sorts of options for continuing our journey with the seven dogs who've travelled with us from North Cyprus. We continue to be very well supported by the dogs' owners, KAR, and Petical Vets in Mersin. Our current plan depends on the government vet supporting the movement of the dogs through Turkey. The first step is for couriers J and M to return to North Cyprus with the dogs on the ferry tonight, and then set out again for Tasucu in the next couple of [...]

Dario, Cattage and Rascal are heading north through Spain

While couriers J and M deal with the situation in Turkey, the UK-bound Animalcouriers trip from Portugal and Spain is underway. An accident on the motorway in Portugal caused some initial delays, as courier I had to criss-cross through southern Portugal on minor roads to deliver Toffee and Fudge. Once they were safely back with their owners, he started the UK-bound leg of his journey by collecting dynamic Dachshund Dario in Cadiz. With Dario safely on board, courier I headed to San Roque near Gibralter to collect two cats, Cattage and Rascal, who quickly settled down in their travel compartments [...]

State of play at Tasucu

We were not in the slightest bit surprised that the boat promised by the port director for 9.00am yesterday to return us to North Cyprus didn't materialise! Courier J spent part of the day in the port building next to the van recharging all our electronic gadgets, watching a DVD to pass the time. Courier M sat with the dogs and read. The rest of our time was spent walking and feeding the dogs and keeping the van spick and span — it's a full-time home to all nine of us at the moment! Brandy watching a Lebanon-bound boat [...]

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