The midday ferry eventually left at 16.15

As we drew away from the port en route for Tasucu in Turkey, we settled down in the van and opened all the doors. Both we and our passengers are enjoying a light refereshing breeze, that will help couriers J and M concentrate on completing the Turkish Annexe 2 certificates. We're due to meet an English-speaking friend of the Turkish vet when we land, who'll see us through the port procedures. Cookie is a fine example of a black Cyprodoodle Purdey is determined not to get caught napping! Tink gave a great yawn as she [...]

Just getting on the ferry to Turkey, after a bit of a wait

We arrived bright and brisk at the port this morning but also full of trepidation, as we'd received a phone call from the Greek Ministry of Agriculture during breakfast. They explained that because Greece doesn't recognise the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus as a country, we can't export pets from there. Hmmm, we thought we'd got past this hurdle last year! This trip, instead of dashing through mainland Greece and straight on to Italy, we need to do a bit of Greek island-hopping. Having sent all our paperwork off for checking, we'd heard nothing. But at the last minute we've [...]

Introducing our passengers from North Cyprus

We have four families of dogs travelling with us from North Cyprus. We met up with everyone this morning at the port, and all of us waited patiently in the gorgeous sunshine while the last bits of admin and paperwork got sorted out. Roxy, with Jasper resting his chin on Roxy's back Roxy at the back, with Jasper and Tink Tink is our smallest passenger Such a cutie! Diane with Roxy and Jasper Brandy with Janet's grandson Gavin Gavin and his twin Nathan enjoy a cuppa with [...]

Indulge your love of doodle dogs with a Cyprodoodle!

Many of the dogs rescued by Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) are Cyprus Poodles or include that breed in their makeup. Margaret of KAR has christened them all Cyprodoodles, and many are looking for loving new homes. Here's the background on just four of these lovely dogs — all young adults — who're currently being looked after at the KAR rescue centre. If you have room in your life for a Cyprodoodle, visit the KAR website rehoming page or contact KAR. Dinky is affectionate, likes to be cuddled and is always ready to put her head on your shoulder — as [...]

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KAR’s new veterinary clinic needs an autoclave and a centrifuge

A couple of years ago there was a big hike in vet costs which caused a severe drain on KAR's finances. They realised that if they had their own clinic, focusing on neutering street cats and dogs under their 'neuter and release' programme, they could promote animal welfare and save themselves a lot of money. On moving to their new premises they set up a clinic and started raising funds to pay for equipment. They already have good consulting and operating rooms, and will receive more kit from the UK soon. It's a fantastic achievement. Among the equipment they still [...]

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