Cleaning out the van, ready for our UK-bound passengers

Courier J flew into North Cyprus to meet up with couriers M and J2 on their arrival. While they took a well earned break, watching the waves and dipping their toes in the sea, courier J drove all over town looking for a car wash that would clean out the Animalcouriers van. She eventually found the lovely Sam, who was very happy to help. A couple of beers were needed to get through the task! Sam's car wash Sam was a bit bemused. "You bring dogs here? From where?" he asked, as courier J explained why there [...]

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Sunny reunions for Winston, Spangle, Toffee, Izzie, Bruno and Sam

Our passengers and their families were delighted to be reunited under the sunny blue skies of North Cyprus today. Shout out to the family — Winston has arrived in North Cyprus! Winston was so overdone he was leaping about and wagging his tail — we're pretty sure he was actually grinning Reassuring tickles for Spangle and Toffee from June Bruno and Sam made themselves know the minute they heard Ian's voice — here's Bruno with Ian… …and Sam with Ian Izzie licked Ian all over his face! [...]

Safe arrival in North Cyprus, greeted by blue skies

We arrived safe and well in Famagusta (known in Turkish as Gazimagusa) in North Cyprus, despite passing within 80km of Syria! We had another painless customs experience, aided by a friendly local vet. We were greeted by the sight of a crumbling old church in what is now Muslim territory. Traces of the island's colonial past are also quite apparent — they drive on the left (as all sensible countries do!) and our vet's office was formerly a quarantine stables for British army horses. Even before the British were here, the island was an important strategic location, as these impressive [...]

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