Meeting our passengers from Spain at Calais

Animalcouriers met up with Traveldog at Calais to collect a lovely crew of Spanish pets bound for the UK. Kitty and Bree (along with Maggie) have moved from Spain to a new home with Gemma in Liverpool. Here's their sister Maggie. Gommette (who doesn't much like having her photo taken!) is off to live in London with (a different) Gemma. Lovely, friendly Sancho is off to join Luis in London. Sancho really enjoyed meeting new people today.   Fa travelled from Spain in a separate compartment from Velvet… Velvet [...]

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Jenny’s family of 39 are heading to the UK

Jenny has been living in France with seven cats and 32 small dogs. For family reasons, she's relocating to Lancashire in the UK, and was faced with the problem of how to move all her cats and dogs. Jenny contacted Animalcouriers and together we worked out a plan to get them all to the UK. There are plenty of characters among the group who're keeping couriers S and L very amused. One of the seven cats How to make one's presence felt! Quite a cutie These two look like they could make some [...]

Yogi reunited, and Merlin is now on board

Everyone was delighted to see Yogi again when Animalcouriers arrived with him in Geneva old town this evening. We also picked up darling tabby cat Merlin from the Lausanne area. He's travelling with us to the UK where his owners will join him shortly to start their new life in Billericay. Yogi spreads happiness on his return to Geneva Gentle, laid-back Merlin Strange creature spotted out shopping in Geneva high street!    

Ginger cat Garlic has a new home in Romania

Animalcouriers recently arranged for ginger cat Garlic to fly to Bucharest in Romania, where his owner J has relocated. We think Garlic is a very interesting name for a cat, but then J is a chef! J dropped us a line to let us know how Garlic is settling in: Thank you for everything you did in the smooth process of flying Garlic from London to Bucharest. You made what I found to be very stressful the complete opposite. Garlic has settled in well and he is basking in the sunshine. Once again, thank you so much to the whole team. So handsome! [...]

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Purdey and Cookie are back with Lynn and Bob

Purdey and Cookie are two of the dogs from North Cyprus who accompanied us on our first abortive attempt to enter Turkey. Because of timing issues, they couldn't join our second successful attempt. Instead they flew back to the UK and have been home boarding with Animalcouriers' Lynn while their new home was being prepared. When Lynn and Bob arrived to collect their dogs, they were full of stories about all the hassles that so often go with moving house: no water, no phone signal and so on. Even so, they're glad to be back in the UK and of [...]

Yummy Yogi is heading back to Switzerland

Handsome young Chow Yogi is back on board with Animalcouriers. We brought him to the UK in May for a little holiday, and he's now heading home to Geneva. We collected him from Bristol yesterday afternoon following a visit from his hairdresser, who transformed him from scruffy to fluffy! We crossed to Calais last night and are now heading straight to Geneva. Such a dashing fellow

Pinky is flying to Madrid

Young Yorkshire Terrier Pinky is off to Madrid today. Animalcouriers collected him from his breeder in Doncaster on Sunday and took him to the vet yesterday for his health check. Pinky been homeboarding with courier R, who reports that he has a very lively personality. Courier R is taking him to Heathrow airport this morning. Our colleages Traveldog will collect him from Barajas airport and drive him to his new owners, who're very excited about his arrival. Pinky, looking very perky

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Jules and Jim have reached their summer holiday home

Suave black-and-white brothers Jules and Jim travelled to the south of France from London with Animalcouriers. These 'frequent flyers' had a brief sojourn with friends in Narbonne until their owner, Faith, could collect them. As usual, they were the perfect houseguests: smart, friendly and calm, with plenty of purrs to go round. Jules puts up with having his photo taken Jim explores his temporary home Jules is pleased to see Faith Jim gets a big kiss

Back in Blighty at last, and scenes from the doggy holiday camp

When courier J popped round to Lynn and courier M2's to collect her dogs Billywhizz and Pugsley, she found everyone looking very relaxed. Cookie and Purdey have made themselves completely at home, even bagging the best beds. The two house dogs, Poppy and Arnie, seem to be taking it all in their stride. No time to pose for Roxy, when there are so many new smells to enjoy Tink was nose down in the field too Jasper took the time to sniff the English air Brandy with courier D Reo enjoys [...]

Safe arrival at Treetops Kennels for our Athenian quartet

The four rescue dogs collected by Animalcouriers in Greece have been safely delivered to Treetops Kennels in Surrey, from where they'll be collected by their new owners. On hand, as always, was Conrad, the mastermind behind the UK support group for the Filozoikos Shelter, who finds wonderful homes for these gentle dogs. Soffy Ioli Maria Kiki

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