Hastening towards the Turkish port of Tasucu

Following our ferry crossing across the millpond-like Mediterranean from Kos to Bodrum, and a surprisingly smooth customs experience thanks to immaculate paperwork, Animalcouriers hit the road from Bodrum to Tasucu. We're travelling through stunning scenery, our progress hampered only by the occasional mini-landslide on the road ahead — the unintentional consequence of this vibrant country's rapid modernisation. Landslide at the next bend! Fortunately, the arrival of an ambulance that needed to pass even more quickly than we did meant the landslide was quickly shovelled out of the way!

Safely through customs and heading towards Tasucu

Animalcouriers reached the Turkish port of Bodrum and made pleasantly smooth progress through customs. We're now on the road towards Tasucu, in the hope of making tonight's ferry to North Cyprus, where our passengers' families are eagerly awaiting their arrival. Pulling in to the port of Bodrum

We are Bodrum-bound at last!

Animalcouriers have left the Greek island of Kos, heading for Bodrum in Turkey. The ferry has been laid on specially for us following yesterday's cancellation.The weather is calm, sunny and clear — everything a tourist (or a courier) could wish for.We now have a pleasant little cruise ahead of us before entering the occasionally surreal world of Turkish bureaucracy. Our personal ferry Leaving Kos behind

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