Too windy for a ferry today, so we are making contingency plans

The stiff wind that was blowing when we arrived in Kos has continued all day, kicking up sand and waves. As we feared, this caused the cancellation of our ferry, owing to the state of the sea. It's somewhat frustrating as it's a very short crossing — we can actually see the houses in Bodrum from here! It must be admitted, however, that the ferry is rather small — to be precise, it can take the Animalcouriers van, a car and a few foot passengers — hence the reluctance to venture out. On top of that, the boat itself is [...]

A windy morning in Kos, waiting for our ferry to Turkey

Animalcouriers crossed by ferry from the Greek port of Piraeus to the island of Kos, where it's very windy but the sun is doing its best to put in an appearance. We've walked all the dogs and have found a shady parking spot where couriers M and J2 have settled down to write postcards, and the pets have settled down for a snooze. We're waiting for a ferry crossing to the Turkish port of Bodrum later — we hope the wind will drop as it could affect our sailing. The flag flying on our ferry from Piraeus to Kos [...]

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