Arrival in the UK and some reunions already

All the pets were in fine form after their sea crossing and eager for breakfast. The dogs had a good runaround and Alice even wanted to do some tricks! Courier S delivered Alice and Gucci to their new homes. Tor and Bobby were transferred to the care of courier R who's delivering them to Morecambe and Aberdeen respectively. And Oreo will be collected from our Surrey base. Clever girl, Alice! Oreo catches sight of a big seagull Bobby, snug as a bug in a rug Alice reaches her new home in Watford…   [...]

Bobby the canal cat and fun and games at the port

Yesterday evening we collected Bobby the cat who is moving from among the canals in central Amsterdam to Aberdeenshire. Courier S promised to tell Bobby a bedtime story but was a little baffled when asked to do it in Dutch! We just made it onto the overnight ferry at Hook of Holland after a small scare at customs. No one could find Bobby's microchip. After a short panic which held the boat up, Courier S used Animalcouriers' own scanner and found it straight away. A family send off for Bobby Lovely van spotted in Amsterdam   [...]

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