From Sweden to Germany, where we met Zentaur and Oreo

Having picked up Swedish Vallhund Alice in Malmo yesterday, Animalcouriers started the journey back towards the UK via Denmark and Germany. In Sulsdorf we collected adorable Giant Schauzer puppy Zentaur. He's off to join his new owners in Lancashire where he'll be known as Tor. We then stopped off in the centre of Hamburg where laid-back cat Oreo joined our trip. He's travelling with us to start a new life in London. Pretty blossom in Denmark On board the ferry from Denmark to Germany — a train driving up alongside her rather spooked courier S! Back [...]

Mr Lumley says “Goodbye Sierra Leone, hello Auckland!”

It's taken a while to prepare Basenji cross Mr Lumley for his move to New Zealand. He's named after Lumley Beach in Sierra Leone, where his owners spent the past three years working. To meet the residency requirements set by New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), Mr Lumley had to stay in the UK for six months, so his owners arranged for him to board with a pet sitter on the West Sussex coast. They came to the UK to see him through his final preparations in the 30 days leading up to his departure date. Animalcouriers advised on the New [...]

Alice is swapping Sweden for the UK

Having dropped off Fudge and Angel in Germany, Animalcouriers headed via Denmark to Sweden to collect Swedish Vallhund Alice. Her grandpa drove her over 1,000 km from Sweden's skiing region to meet us in Malmo, where it was strangely quiet after the Eurovision song contest the night before. Alice is on her way to join the rest of her family who've moved to Watford. We know some little girls are waiting impatiently for this most important member of the family to arrive! Banana and avocado parfait — strange but true, this dessert was served with kiwi, strawberries and grapes [...]

A tiny Chihuahua pup moves to Kuwait

Little Josephine homeboarded with Animalcouriers while we prepared the paperwork for her move to Kuwait. Dogs travelling to Kuwait must have their Defra export certificates checked by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and then legalised by the Kuwaiti Embassy. Lyn, who looked after Josephine, had become so fond of her she had to come back twice to kiss her goodbye! Josephine getting over her jet lag with her new brother Finlay

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