Billi and Luna are back with Ariane

These two gorgeous cats were reunited with Ariane yesterday who wrote to let us know how they're getting on in their new home. It sounds like they have a few new tricks up their feline sleeves… "Billi and Luna have already settled in well. They have both picked up a few new habits during their stay with Lea, Enya, Ines and Jens, which is quite funny. This morning, after getting up and having breakfast, Billi suddenly disappeared and I couldn't find her anywhere. We don't have much furniture in the flat at the moment, so there are not many places to [...]

News on Maggie, who’s settling in wonderfully well

Maggie has only been with her new owner Sara and Poodle Becky since yesterday morning, and already we've had an email to let us know how well she's getting on. Sara tells us: "Maggie has settled here very well, she is still wary but overall I cannot complain. Becky seems to have taken an instant liking to Maggie and vice versa. She is sleeping right now, after a walk and a nose around the garden. All good! Thank you for your wonderful service, your customer service is second to none." Maggie and Becky snoozing in comfy matching beds [...]

Mimmi and her owner have swapped Spain for the UK

Mimmi travelled over to the UK from Spain about a month ago. Now the builders and decorators have finished her new home in Hertfordshire, and Animalcouriers drove her there yesterday. Mimmi was originally a feral cat who used to eat the bread from the birdtable. Then her owner started meeting her with a saucer of milk at 6am, and finally she brought her kittens to the house to show them off. Friends for life

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