Reunions for Szmelowina, Oliver and Archie

Cat Szmelowina and dogs Oliver and Archie had very happy reunions with their families today. Animalcouriers delivered Szmelowina from Italy to her new home in Birmingham, where her family were absolutely delighted to have her back with them. Szmelowina peered out curiously at her new neighbourhood, then once indoors, rushed around on a mad exploration. There was lots of excitement when Oliver reached his new home in Walsall. After a year apart it was an incredible reunion. Lucky Oliver's new home is above a chip shop — he was taken straight off to meet the lovely [...]

Archie, Pepito, Alex and Maggie

Here's a little update on these four passengers from Greece and Italy. Courier M couldn't resist a final photo of Archie, showing us where he thinks he should have been sitting for the whole journey! A very special fellow. Pepito is homeboarding with courier J — making himself very much at home! Maggie met Sara, who's adopted her, and Sara's Poodle Becky for the first time this morning. It was a great moment for everyone with lots of happiness all round. Pin-up Alex was reunited with her owner Sarah today following a six-month [...]

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