Our last passengers, Luna and Billi, are now on board

The final members of our passenger list joined the Animalcouriers trip to the UK today. We were very held up by an 11km tailback in the Gottard Tunnel, but Luna and Billi waited patiently for us.Lea and Enya, together with their parents Jens and Ines, have been looking after Luna and Billi since November. Their owner, Ariane, had to relocate to England and couldn't have her cats with her until now. But it looks like they have been in super hands in the meantime. Luna plays hard to get — she has the advantage of knowing where all the best [...]

Last night in Carisio: azaleas, mountains and paddy fields

We stayed at the Hotel Paladini in Carisio in the Piedmont region of Italy. We were treated to beautiful views while walking the dogs, and azaleas in full bloom. We woke to splendid views of mountains behind the paddy fields — it's hard to believe how much rice is grown in Italy Sauntering around our hotel Beautiful Alex, framed by azaleas — our calendar girl of the trip Is this my best side? All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up Just look at the view, says Pepito [...]

Our feline passengers are keeping us entertained

All the cats on board the Animalcouriers trip to the UK seem to be taking travelling in their stride. Oscar and Max are well travelled cats, who earlier in their lives moved from the middle east, where Charlotte had rescued them from a sanctuary. "Well, Max, where to today," says Oscar. "I think I can see the Swiss Alps," replies Max. "Ah, the Matterhorn, the skiing, the après-ski," muses Oscar, off in a world of his own. "Did someone mention the Matterhorn?" asks Bugsy. "I think skiing might be a bit energetic for me. I'm [...]

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