Delivering Blackie to his retirement home with Sheila

Sheila is a wonderful person who loves cats and specialises in giving older cats from all over the world a home for the rest of their lives (see her website Parodi's Cats - Cat Refuge). We were only sad that Blackie didn't have Margarita with him, but the search for her is on back in Athens, with posters up and all the Nine Lives feeders alerted to look out for her. We really hope she'll be on our passenger list next month. Handing Blackie over to Sheila — as we pulled in, he dived back into his igloo! [...]

Next stop, collecting Alex near Florence

We called in at Bagno a Ripoli, near Florence, to collect gorgeous Golden Retriever Alex. She's on her way to rejoin her owner Sarah in Northampton. Sarah is a vet working for the PDSA. She left Italy ahead of Alex and now that she's settled in, Alex can join her. Sarah says she's really missed having Alex around. Alex with Massimo and Christina who've been taking lovely care of her Alex safely on board

Szmelowina from Malta is finally heading for the UK

When Adam and his family were relocating from Malta to Birmingham, they had a car accident. The car was written off and the family had to continue their journey without their cat, Szmelowina. It was devastating for them to have to leave her behind in an unknown place, but luckily she has been in the tender care of the kind owner of the Stella del Mare hotel and his son Nicolo. When Adam phoned us to ask if we could transport Szmelowina, it was perfect timing for her to join this trip. So we drove to Viareggio, a seaside town north of Pisa, to [...]

Zippy and Georgie have joined our trip

We arrived at Val di Orsa, just outside Poggibonsi in Siena to collect Zippy and Georgie, two lovely cats who've been boarding with Gianna. Their owner Jayne had already told us they were very reluctant cattery residents, having been used to unlimited freedom for most of their lives. A warm welcome from Gianna Beautiful countryside around the cattery. Gianna's pots contain herbs, lemons and oranges and are dotted all around her garden We admired Gianna's no-nonsense approach to putting these two reluctant cats into their baskets "Goodness me, from one captive situation to [...]

Visiting the vet for the dogs’ parasite treatments

We took the Archie and Oliver to see Maira the vet to have their parasite treatments. (Pepito and Maggie's treatments were up to date so they didn't have to come in to the surgery.) Oliver's passport had run out of space for recording parasite treatments, so the Greek vet had made the entry elsewhere in the document. We felt that probably wouldn't do at Calais, so Maira made Oliver a new passport — better safe than sorry. Co-operative Archie sits down on the scales What's caught Oliver's attention? He doesn't normally stand still for a moment! Oliver [...]

Back at the Borgo Lacaiola hotel

It was a pleasure to go back to 'our' hotel last night in Castiglioni del Lago (Borgo Lacaiola), in the heart of Italy's Umbria region. As well as the acres of fields that belong to the hotel itself, there's a footpath to the Lago (the lake) through more fields full of crops. Last year it was a grain crop. This year we walked the dogs through broad beans. The Borgo Lacaiola hotel Our lovely host making cappuccinos Archie is a very good boy, very sociable, loves to greet other dogs when he's out walking. He [...]

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