Hero, Angel and Star reach their lovely new home in Crete

There was much wagging of tails (Hero and Angel) and purring (Star) as these three friends were reunited with Susan at their new home in the picture-postcard-perfect rural area of Plaka, on the north coast of Crete. After exploring their new surroundings and being reassured that life would soon get back to normal, all three had a sardine or two, and settled straight into the Greek way of life by having a siesta. Star will be confined for a little while to give him time to learn about his new home and surroundings. While he waits for the opportunity to [...]

Tombi, Bella and Bosco have moved to Dubai

This globetrotting trio recently swapped rural Kent for the bright lights of Dubai, on flights arranged by Animalcouriers. The family had been in the UK for just a few months after moving from their South African home in Johannesburg. Their owner Ingrid wrote to say: "Can't believe how cold it was in England, but do still miss it a lot. No beautiful woodlands to walk in, just sand and more sand. But the sun is shining and we can swim every day!" Tombi, Bella and Bosco have quickly settled in to their new home

Margarita and Blackie are retiring to Italy

In addition to Bugsy, Nine Lives Greece is also sending Margarita and Blackie on the next Animalcouriers trip from Greece. These two elderly cats have a retirement home waiting with Sheila in northern Italy. Cordelia tells us all about their remarkable lives, and celebrates the kindness of their previous Greek carer and now Sheila: "We believe that Margarita (Greek for Daisy) is around 13 years old. She's lived on the roof of a disused kiosk just on the edge of the park since she was a young kitten. She and the other members of her colony used to stay on [...]

Greek cat Bugsy has a new home in Surrey

Handsome, friendly Bugsy has lived rough in Athens for most of his two years, during which time he's been lucky enough to be fed by Nine Lives Greece. Now he's found a new home with Rosalia in Surrey thanks to an article in Your Cat magazine about Julie Barrie, a Nine Lives volunteer. He's staying in a Nine Lives foster home until the UK-bound Animalcouriers trip leaves Greece this week. Cordelia from Nine Lives Greece tells us: "Bugsy is a complete softie, really amazing that he's been living — and surviving so far — as a stray in a dangerous Athens [...]

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