Daily Archives: May 3, 2013

Arrels is off to Valencia

This handsome little lad has been staying with courier J, waiting to leave the UK for Spain. Last night he reached Calais with courier M and Susan's cat and dogs, Star, Hero and Angel. Our partners Traveldog met up with courier M in France today to take Arrels on down to Spain, while courier M heads across to Italy and Greece. Handsome Arrels

Hero, Angel and Star are on their way to a new life in Crete

Dogs Hero and Angel and their feline pal Star are moving from Somerset to Crete. They've been homeboarding with Animalcouriers for a little while, so that Susan and her family could get a head start and get everything ready for their arrival in a few days' time. Lyn makes her home a welcoming stopover for pets leaving or arriving in the UK. It's a calm and reassuring environment that makes pets feel comfortable and secure at a time that can be quite worrying for them. Owner Susan tells us that Star is definitely the boss of the three. Lyn reports [...]

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