Georgie and Zippy are moving from Tuscany to Oxford

Handsome felines Georgie and Zippy are staying at a cattery in Siena, in the Tuscany region of Italy. Animalcouriers will be collecting them next week for their journey to the UK. Their owner, Jayne, has gone on ahead to get everything ready at their new home. She tells us her two cats are probably wondering why all their feedom has suddenly been curtailed: "I can't wait to see an entry on your blog! Poor things — a friend of mine who has been to see them says they're both a bit sad. Georgie won't let the cattery lady get near [...]

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Billi and Luna are swapping Switzerland for the UK

These two gorgeous girl cats are waiting in Zurich to be collected by Animalcouriers later this month. Their owner, Ariane, has told us a bit about each of them and sent us some rather fantastic photos of them. They look beautiful and sound like real characters — we can't wait to meet them! "Billi is four years old and her name is the Hindi word for cat. She is always hungry and quite heavy for a girl. She likes to be around people and observe them, but she takes a while to trust someone at first. In fact, most people think we only [...]

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Maggie has a new home with Sara in the UK

Greek dog Maggie is waiting in Athens, in the care of Eleni, to join the next Animalcouriers trip to the UK. This lucky dog has been adopted by Sara, who tells Maggie's story below. "Maggie was found a couple of years ago. Her owner had died, and his animals were left unattended in the backyard of his house with almost nothing to eat and filthy drinking water. One day Eleni got a call to say that one of the dogs was looking sick. She went to take a look and could see that all the animal were in bad shape, [...]

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Young Chow Yogi is en route from Geneva to London

It was an early start for handsome seven-month-old Yogi when Animalcouriers collected him in Geneva this morning. His owner, Amy, flew on ahead and will be in London to greet him when he arrives later today. She has to go away for a couple of months, during which time Yogi will stay with his 'grandparents' in London and Bristol. Yogi looking excited ahead of his trip Yogi checking out his accommodation for the day — he seems to approve!

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