We missed the ferry from Tasucu, but will cross from Mersin tonight

Unfortunately, earlier delays with ferries caught up with Animalcouriers yesterday and we missed the boat from Tasucu to North Cyprus by a matter of minutes. Thankfully, we've been able to book onto another ferry this evening that leaves from a different port in Turkey — Mersin. We have a cabin booked and will be able to check on all the pets whenever we need to. Our passengers are all well and taking the delay in their stride. The dogs especially enjoyed exploring some Roman ruins next to an idyllic beach this morning. Our somewhat gloomy mood was lifted by a very [...]

Hastening towards the Turkish port of Tasucu

Following our ferry crossing across the millpond-like Mediterranean from Kos to Bodrum, and a surprisingly smooth customs experience thanks to immaculate paperwork, Animalcouriers hit the road from Bodrum to Tasucu. We're travelling through stunning scenery, our progress hampered only by the occasional mini-landslide on the road ahead — the unintentional consequence of this vibrant country's rapid modernisation. Landslide at the next bend! Fortunately, the arrival of an ambulance that needed to pass even more quickly than we did meant the landslide was quickly shovelled out of the way!

Safely through customs and heading towards Tasucu

Animalcouriers reached the Turkish port of Bodrum and made pleasantly smooth progress through customs. We're now on the road towards Tasucu, in the hope of making tonight's ferry to North Cyprus, where our passengers' families are eagerly awaiting their arrival. Pulling in to the port of Bodrum

We are Bodrum-bound at last!

Animalcouriers have left the Greek island of Kos, heading for Bodrum in Turkey. The ferry has been laid on specially for us following yesterday's cancellation.The weather is calm, sunny and clear — everything a tourist (or a courier) could wish for.We now have a pleasant little cruise ahead of us before entering the occasionally surreal world of Turkish bureaucracy. Our personal ferry Leaving Kos behind

Too windy for a ferry today, so we are making contingency plans

The stiff wind that was blowing when we arrived in Kos has continued all day, kicking up sand and waves. As we feared, this caused the cancellation of our ferry, owing to the state of the sea. It's somewhat frustrating as it's a very short crossing — we can actually see the houses in Bodrum from here! It must be admitted, however, that the ferry is rather small — to be precise, it can take the Animalcouriers van, a car and a few foot passengers — hence the reluctance to venture out. On top of that, the boat itself is [...]

A windy morning in Kos, waiting for our ferry to Turkey

Animalcouriers crossed by ferry from the Greek port of Piraeus to the island of Kos, where it's very windy but the sun is doing its best to put in an appearance. We've walked all the dogs and have found a shady parking spot where couriers M and J2 have settled down to write postcards, and the pets have settled down for a snooze. We're waiting for a ferry crossing to the Turkish port of Bodrum later — we hope the wind will drop as it could affect our sailing. The flag flying on our ferry from Piraeus to Kos [...]

Following reunions in Zakynthos, we’re now heading to Piraeus

Yesterday Animalcouriers delivered British Bulldog Winston, Lola and Roxy into the waiting arms of their mum and dad on Zakynthos. We had to turn round pretty sharp and get straight back on the ferry out of town, so there was no chance to explore what looks like a lovely island, but the journey goes on! Unfortunately, our plans to catch a ferry to Chios last night were dashed by cancellations. So we spent the night in Kyllini and are now en route to Piraeus. The dogs enjoyed the bonus of a chance to explore a secluded beach this morning in [...]

A sunny morning walk in Igoumenitsa

Animalcouriers were greeted by warm and sunny weather when we reached the Greek port of Igoumenitsa this morning. It was an early start, made easier by blue skies and just the occasional fluffy white cloud. Following a good walk with the dogs and breakfast all round, the aircon is on and we're heading along the coast towards Zakinthos. Winston wondering if it's time to go back to bed yet Lola, set off by blue skies and sea Roxy taking in her surroundings Winston having a good sniff around Sam auditioning for [...]

Waiting at Ancona for the ferry to Igoumenitsa

We spent last night at a delightful small rural hotel just outside the Italian port of Ancona. The parking was good and we had a lovely space to walk the dogs. The overcast and rainy conditions that have accompanied us throughout this trip so far are still with us, but perhaps it will be a different story once we reach Greece. Winston has been as calm as you would expect a Labrador to be. He loves his walks, sniffs his way around and insists on marking out the territory very thoroughly. British Bulldog Winston is a dog [...]

Biggie and Ginger are reunited with Manau

We reached the Zurich area of Switzerland earlier today where we delivered rabbits Biggie and Ginger to their owner Manau who was clearly delighted to have them back. Manau is happy to have her rabbits back What gorgeous bunnies they are! We spotted some interesting Swiss characters on our journey What's caught his eye? What's he thinking about?

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