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Walking in Calais with Wicket and Monty

Grandma Jenny wrote to tell us how much she's missing Wicket and Monty. So despite the cold and biting wind on our walk in the Calais area this morning, we managed to get these two dogs organised to send her a few messages, along with their love. Where's Monty? He's behind you, Wicket! We love our walks, says Monty, but it really is very cold this morning… …cold enough to make your hair stand on end, in fact! Yes, just look at what the wind's doing tomy hair too, says Wicket. I'll need [...]

Calais tonight, Dover tomorrow morning!

Animalcouriers stopped off in Orleans today for lunch and leg stretch. We're very nearly at Calais, where we'll spend the night. Traffic has been heavy and we can't cross the Channel tonight. But after a good night's rest for couriers J and M and their charges, we hope to be on an early ferry tomorrow morning. Once we reach the UK, couriers R and S will take over and carry out the deliveries in the London area and further north. Please don't forget to enter our quiz! We've had some great answers and it's going to be fun judging. Entries are [...]

A fox hound, a lurcher and four cheeky Chihuahuas

Animalcouriers had a busy day yesterday transporting a wonderful variety of dogs within the UK. Stunning fox hound Rachel with her strawberry-coloured coat is on her way to the USA, where she'll join her sister who's already a top-class champion. Courier S collected Rachel in Worcester and drove her to Heathrow airport. She'll be flying today once she's had her veterinary check. Rachel took to travel like a pro. We wish her a wonderful life in the USA. Also collected in Worcester, this darling Lurcher. She's now at a rescue centre in Hailsham, Susex, where she's waiting to [...]

Amadeus and Midori have emerged from hiding

These two very beautiful cats are travelling from Portual to Leeds in England, where they'll rejoin their owners Ricky and Marisol. They've pretty much kept themselves to themselves on the trip so far. But when we stopped at Beauville this afternoon to walk the dogs and give everyone their supper, they both popped up to say 'hello'. Midori told us the journey was much better than expected; and both cats agreed it was far more interesting to be able to see everything that was going on! Amadeus Midori

Heading north through France from Narbonne

Animalcouriers set off from Narbonne in the south of France this morning, heading north via Toulouse and Albi towards the UK. Gobolino has such a cheeky face! Midouri and Amadeus weren't feeling too sociable this morning Very alert Mimi takes in her surroundings Willy keeps an eye on everything Pretty Cocker Spaniel India Isy enjoys a good walk Best friends Cocker Spaniel Wicket and Dachshund Monty Very cute Noa We collected Hellboy in the Albi area, where Elisabeth has been taking care of [...]

Summer and Toby swap Houston for Aberdeen

Chocolate Lab Summer and her Jack Russell pal Toby flew into Heathrow airport from Houston, Texas yesterday morning. They had a good rest, something to eat and drink, and a run around at the Animal Reception Centre. Once their paperwork was cleared courier S met them and checked them in for their internal flight to Aberdeen, Scotland, which is where their new home is. We hope they approve of the change in climate! Beautiful Summer is completely relaxed about intercontinental travel Little Toby gave us a tail wag during his last walk before boarding the plane to [...]

Tracking and tracing the top ten tongues

To mark the 2000th post in the nearly four years Animalcouriers has been blogging, we thought we'd publish photos of the top ten tongues that have turned up on our travels to date. Here are the names of the animals in question. Can you match the names to the tongues? In no particular order: Bella, Harry, Canico, Phaidon, Chloe, Lobo, Mojo, Caesar, Miggins, Phaidon — sorry everyone, this last name should have been Phaidra (our bad) Entirely at our own discretion, we may award a small prize of little or no value to the answer that makes us laugh, gets [...]

Lily and Harry have a family connection

Tabby cat Lily who's travelling with us from Italy to the UK is connected to Harry, a dog we transported from Northern Cyprus. Lily's owner, Alexandra, is the daughter of Teresa, who rescued and adopted Cyprus Poodle Harry. It's great to think these two beloved pets might just become friends! Photogenic Lily

Millie from Florence — a familiar face

Labradoodle Millie is on her way with Animalcouriers to the UK, where she'll rejoin her owner Sally. We collected her in Florence where she was being cared for by Florence Pet Sitting run by Maryanne. It's a boarding, walking and day care service for pets that's kept busy by both locals and ex pats. Millie travelled with us to Italy in 2011. It's a pleasure to see her again and courier J says she's exactly the same Millie we remember! Maryanne and colleague with Milly and another of her charges Milly on board

Finding Nemo — near Turin

Handsome ginger cat Nemo is off to live in Surrey. His owner Sarah's family will be taking care of him until Sarah rejoins him soon. It was a case of 'finding Nemo' as courier J made her way through the foothills of the beautiful mountains near Turin. But the rendez-vous was very easy — thank you Sarah for organising it! Sarah's good friend with Nemo A closer look at this fine feline

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