Thanks to everyone who entered our quiz. We had great fun reading everyone’s responses, not just the answers but also your funny, imaginative and touching comments.

First things first, our apologies for this late post — and here are the answers:

1 = Phaidon  2 = Caesar  3 = Miggins  4 = Canico  5 = Lobo (and in our minds the best tongue of them all)  6 = Phaidra  7 = Bella  8 = Harry  9 = Chloe  10 = Mojo


Now, onto the winners: because we originally made a mistake and repeated the name Phaidon instead of giving the name Phaidra, we awarded everyone a bonus point to compensate. The winner is Zena, who got the most names right, followed by Easy in a close second place.

The winner of the prize for most creative entry is Boomdeeadda for her fantastic rhyme.

And Doggy’s Style gets a special prize, ‘just so as you don’t call baby Jesus on us’! And here it is:


In fact, we were so impressed with everyone’s entries, a modest prize awaits you all. Please send your postal address to annie at