To mark the 2000th post in the nearly four years Animalcouriers has been blogging, we thought we’d publish photos of the top ten tongues that have turned up on our travels to date.

Here are the names of the animals in question. Can you match the names to the tongues?

In no particular order: Bella, Harry, Canico, Phaidon, Chloe, Lobo, Mojo, Caesar, Miggins, Phaidon β€” sorry everyone, this last name should have been Phaidra (our bad)

Entirely at our own discretion, we may award a small prize of little or no value to the answer that makes us laugh, gets the list right, or appeals to us in some as yet unknown way!

mystery-tongue-1 mystery-tongue-2 mystery-tongue-3 mystery-tongue-4 mystery-tongue-5 mystery-tongue-6 mystery-tongue-7 mystery-tongue-8 mystery-tongue-9 mystery-tongue-10

All entries welcome – be creative if you can’t be correct! Quiz open until midnight BST Friday (19 April) and we’ll announce the results early next week.