Animalcouriers arranged for gorgeous tortoiseshell puss Peach to fly from Budapest to Manchester with Jet2.

Concerned about how well Peach would take to flying, her owner was very careful to make sure everything was just right for her. This including choosing the right size of travel box, and giving Peach plenty of time to get used to being in it before she travelled.

This effort, coupled with bedding full of scents from home helped to reassure Peach, keep her comfortable and alleviate any possible stress.

Other travel tips include using the pheromone spray Feliway for cats, and DAP for dogs. Lavender aromatherapy oil sprayed on the bedding, or using homeopathic Rescue Remedy for a few days before travel can also help.

Peach’s owner let us know that she’d arrived, saying:

“Peach and I arrived safe and sound on Thursday. She loves her new home! Thank you ever so much for making this process so easy. I’m grateful for everyone’s help.”

Peach the cat flew from Budapest to Manchester UK with Animalcouriers

Peach playing near her bed

All tuckered out!

All tuckered out!