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Christmas in Biddisville

Courier J was visiting family in the north just before Christmas and took a few hours out to call on our very popular correspondent from Biddissville, Jane, her husband the revving Rev Ray, and their three dogs. Oswald is the resident senior officer in the collie police (black and white division). Canico, who goes under many aliases, is a hopelessly unreformed character who hails originally from Madeira and is a great trial to officer Oswald. And Amber, aka Mental Mini, the recent victim of a nasty leg fracture, is now sporting  a Lizarov frame that has led to her being [...]

Home in time for Christmas

Late last night, following a delay in customs clearance that was beyond our control, Animalcouriers set off with a group of pets who were all going home in time for Christmas. First to reach their home in Newark were Mushka and Cowrie, two beautiful cats who'd travelled from South Africa. Next it was the turn of gorgeous Labradors Deke and Gus, who had jetted in from New Zealand to rejoin their doting dad in Stoke. Then in the early hours of the morning, big fluffy rabbit Charlie — who'd come all the way from the US via Amsterdam — was [...]

Perdie is off to live in Cumbria

Pretty Purdie is travelling with Animalcouriers to her new home in Cumbria. She's been staying at Dolly's beautiful cattery, where she's had a number of little holidays over the past five years or so. Dolly has grown so fond of Perdie that she wanted to leave it til the last minute to say goodbye and see her on her way. Dolly gives Perdie a goodbye cuddle — the collar is to stop Perdie worrying at a small wound she has on her back at the moment

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When Eve met Rupert

Yesterday Eve came to collect Rupert, and it looks like a wonderful new friendship has begun. Poor Eve was very poorly this week, but has been very brave about it while staying with her Grannie. As soon as her mum arrived, she rushed to the stables to greet Rupert and welcome him to the family. Reindeer can be very shy but Rupert immediately fell into her Eve's arms. We hope a certain Mr S and Tommi elf know just how well Eve will look after her new friend from Lapland. Eve and Rupert

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Cooper and Bingo have landed in Bermuda

Animalcouriers arranged for these two lovely Cockerpoo pups to travel with BA to their new homes in Bermuda. They stayed with us for a few days while their export/import paperwork was prepared. Do not, however, be fooled by the apparently serene pictures — neither Cooper nor Bingo stayed still very much! The only time we could catch them for a photo was after they'd exhaused themselves from playing and running circuits round the room. Cooper keeps an eye on things, while Bingo catches some zeds Cooper and Bingo completely passed out Their new owners, N and H, [...]

Rupert, our secret passenger

A very special passenger joined the Animalcouriers trip in Finland, and today courier S is making sure all his paperwork is ready for our arrival at pet control in Calais later this afternoon. Currently known as Rupert, this special passenger was transported by sleigh to Helsinki from Lapland by Tommi elf, who was asked by Mr S to use animal transport specialists Animalcouriers to deliver him safely to a special little girl called Eve, who lives in Sussex. That's because four-year-old Eve has been a really good girl all year looking after her little pony Blaze — Eve has groomed her, [...]

Updates on Zeus, Chloe and Phaidra; and Caesar still needs a new home

Zeus, Chloe and Phaidra travelled with Animalcouriers on our most recent trip from Greece. All three were rescue dogs who were looked after at the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens. They've been rehomed in the UK with the help and support of the Friends of Animals — Nea Filadelfia group. Chloe and Phaidra's brother Caesar is still looking for a new home. Nea Filadelfia will pay his transport costs to the UK. You can find out more about him on our earlier blog. Zeus's new owner says: "He's such a beautiful boy and so unbelievably gentle! I completely see what you're saying about being quick [...]

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