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Disappointment at Calais

We arrived at Calais to find that P&O have decided not to transport animals unless they're accompanied by their owners. Unfortunately, no-one had told Animalcouriers! It seems P&O have bowed to pressure from animal rights activists following an exposé in the Daily Mail about puppies from eastern European puppy farms being imported into the UK. Talk about using a sledgehammer to crack a nut — especially as we are authorised by the UK government to transport animals. We also feel strongly that no animal should be transported across Europe without an owner waiting for it at its destination. In the [...]

Arrival in Surrey late afternoon

Animalcouriers expect to reach our base in Surrey late this afternoon. As always on these trips, the pets and couriers have come together to form a kind of family. The pets quickly learn the routine, understanding by the sights and sounds when they'll be fed, and which order the dogs will be walked in. They react to the sound of the biscuit tin opening and the rattle of the food containers. Each animal reveals his or her own personality during the journey, and we try hard to fall in with their preferences. We learn to recognise the tattoos beaten on the compartment [...]

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