Although she’s the baby of the dogs at six months or so, Ella has completely settled into travelling. Her leaping, rolling and skipping make compulsive viewing. On top of which, she’s a right pickle who noses in our pockets for treats, then does a ‘sitting looking pretty’ act when she sees a hand coming her way with a biscuit.

Courier M and Zeus have made further developments to their walk strategy. Courier M points Zeus in the direction of the next tree, lamppost or other upright object, and Zeus does the rest. Obviously, there’s quite a bit of advance planning needed on courier M’s part to make sure they end up back at the van!

It’s a bit of a challenge walking Chloe and Phaidra together, so we now take them off separately in different directions so that we can focus on each of them individually. The parting is always a little difficult but the reunions are sweet.

Ella putting on her best ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ look

Strong, handsome Zeus

Leaving the van is easy, but courier M has to watch his footing!

The battle to get Zeus back into the van

See you soon, Phaidra, says Chloe

Phaidra has a good sniff in the bushes

Comparing notes at the end of their walks