The ferry from Corfu docked a bit late last night, and we got as far as Forli, where we woke to a bright and sunny morning.

We’re now 200–300 miles from Calais, so we expect to reach the UK tomorrow.

A rather dark picture of Apollo and Athina, who are curious to see, hear and smell everything that’s going on.

Angel and Ginger, who seem to be hungry all the time. We are impressed that despite being unable to see, they still poke their paws through the door for handshakes and tickles. And when we open the door to put their food down, they start climbing up our arms.

Stevie, looking very demure, wonders what all the racket is in the compartment next door. We heard thumps and bangings yesterday so pulled over to check what was going on. It was Angel and Ginger rolling around and playing with each other!

From the state of the bat cave this morning you might have thought it was Batman and Robin who were partying. When we went to say hello, all we could see were four ears, two eyes and a nose, poking out of the rather listing teepee bed!