Julia, Tyche and Arapina

Julia is a very pretty Setter. An older dog, we're very impressed at how calm she is. Perhaps having been through so much in her life, she now realises this is the final step towards her secure future. Our other two canines from Corfu, Arapina and Tyche, have both settled in well too. They love their walks and both found plenty of new smells to sniff and snuffle while we were out this morning. Julia Tyche Arapina

Lucy trains up her temporary stylist

In conversation with Cocker Lucy we admired her wonderful hairdo. Lucy admitted she was missing her regular stylist, so a brush was found and Lucy gave courier M a short training course. Lucy with 'bed hair' Courier M sets to work, much to Lucy's delight — make sure you get my parting right! A mirror would make training him easier, says Lucy How do I look now?

Ella, Zeus, Chloe and Phaidra

Although she's the baby of the dogs at six months or so, Ella has completely settled into travelling. Her leaping, rolling and skipping make compulsive viewing. On top of which, she's a right pickle who noses in our pockets for treats, then does a 'sitting looking pretty' act when she sees a hand coming her way with a biscuit. Courier M and Zeus have made further developments to their walk strategy. Courier M points Zeus in the direction of the next tree, lamppost or other upright object, and Zeus does the rest. Obviously, there's quite a bit of advance planning [...]

A sunny morning in the Italian town of Forli

The ferry from Corfu docked a bit late last night, and we got as far as Forli, where we woke to a bright and sunny morning. We're now 200–300 miles from Calais, so we expect to reach the UK tomorrow. A rather dark picture of Apollo and Athina, who are curious to see, hear and smell everything that's going on. Angel and Ginger, who seem to be hungry all the time. We are impressed that despite being unable to see, they still poke their paws through the door for handshakes and tickles. And when we open the [...]

The Ark’s Gerald Durrell connection

When Louisa from The Ark read our reference to Gerald Durrell's connection with Corfu, she wrote to tell us how The Ark itself is connected to Gerald Durrell: "In 2006 the BBC did a TV remake of his book 'My Family and Other Animals' and asked The Ark for stray dogs to act in some of the scenes. Three of our dogs took part, one specially chosen for his nice barking! It took us two weeks of training for them to be in the episodes." Louisa also gave us copies of a special 2013 calendar for the owners of Arapina, Tychi, Julia, [...]

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When Wizzy met Tyche

A regular visitor to Corfu, Wizzy met Tyche at the harbour of Kassiopi, where she was roaming around. Wizzy told us what happened next: "A stray dog started following us and asking for food. We kept a few scraps from our meals and sometimes bought her dog food as well. When it was stormy, she was terrified of the the thunder and lightning and would always find us and hide near us. I found out that she had been thrown from a car a few weeks before we arrived, and was obviously domestic. Being a pretty dog she was fairly [...]

Arapina is moving to the UK with the monastery’s blessing

Sam met Arapina near the well known monastery in Paleokastritsa. Worried about what would happen to Arapina once all the tourists had gone home, she contacted The Ark. The Ark discovered that Arapina, about a year and a half old, was taken care of by the monastery. But when the head monk heard that Sam would like to give Arapina a secure future, he gave his blessing and Louisa took Arapina to her home, to wait until she could make her journey to the UK, where a new life awaits her in Blackpool. Sam is getting very excited about seeing [...]

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