The purpose of our trip to Corfu was to collect three dogs and two young cats from The Ark a charitable organisation staffed by volunteers that looks after Corfu’s stray and abandoned animals.

Corfu is where Gerald Durrell lived from an early age and where he developed his interest in and love of flora and fauna. It’s also where he wrote ‘My Family and Other Animals’.

These five animals have all been adopted by people in the UK who came across them while on holiday in Corfu. Louisa and Spiridoula from The Ark have been taking wonderful care of them until we could collect them.

Cats Apollo and Athina are off to live with Philippa and Edward. Setter Julia has been adopted by Michael and Brenda. Arapina will be living with Sam. And Tychi was found by Wizzy, who already has a rescue dog and two rescue cats, so Tychi is going to live with Wizzy’s neighbour.

We’ll be posting more details about each of them separately.

Courier M in the middle flanked by The Ark’s team of volunteers — L to R Louisa, Mel, Pat and Spiridoula

On our arrival, Mel explains to the ferry company staff what we were doing in Corfu. Pat’s daughter who works in a ferry company’s ticket office wanted to meet Billy, and soon a crowd gathered to ooh and aah at all our passengers.

Arapina takes a final walk round

Mel says goodbye to Arapina

Tychi looks out to sea — we all agreed, it was a beautiful day

Spiridoula says goodbye to Tychi

Cocker Spaniel Lucy watches all the activity

Julia looking very demure, and nicely settled in for her trip

Apollo (L) and Athina (R) on board

Loading up, nearly ready to go

Leaving Corfu — a lovely spot where we wish we could have lingered longer