The Ark, Corfu’s very own animal rescue team

The purpose of our trip to Corfu was to collect three dogs and two young cats from The Ark a charitable organisation staffed by volunteers that looks after Corfu's stray and abandoned animals. Corfu is where Gerald Durrell lived from an early age and where he developed his interest in and love of flora and fauna. It's also where he wrote 'My Family and Other Animals'. These five animals have all been adopted by people in the UK who came across them while on holiday in Corfu. Louisa and Spiridoula from The Ark have been taking wonderful care of them until [...]

Billy and the brides-to-be

A very impressive wedding exhibition was taking place at our hotel. Groups of brides-to-be with their anxious mothers and fathers were walking around looking at all the paraphernalia that no self-respecting wedding seems able to do without. Animalcouriers were walking our canine charges around the same area. As we passed stretch limos and fancy horses and carts, we did raise a few eybrows. Billy the Pug seemed especially keen to find out just what was on offer, but was soon distracted by playing a kind of tag game with courier J and his lead. "What?" you can almost hear [...]

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Chloe, Phaidra and Ella are getting used to the routine of the journey

Out walking this morning Chloe suddenly decided to lie down. "Tired already Chloe?" asked courier M. In response she rolled over as if to say, "Tickle my tummy please!" So we did, and it seemed to go down very well. Phaidra isn't too sure yet about going for walks and quite likes getting back into the security of her travel compartment. But not before she has a good sniff around the grassy verges. Ella was much more confident about going out for her walk this morning, and greeted us with plenty of tail thumping! Phaidra smiles for the camera [...]

Walking with Zeus

Zeus is the big softy on this trip, calm and gentle. But there's no getting away from the fact that he's a pretty strong chap. Courier M reports that he and Zeus tend to come to a compromise agreement about where they go and where they stop when they're out for a walk — a workmanlike arrangement. To his dismay, Courier M is a little on the heavy side, but admits that the extra pounds are quite useful when walking Zeus. And especially important during the friendly wrestling match when it comes to getting Zeus back into his travel compartment! [...]

From Igoumenitsa to Corfu

Last night we stayed in Ioannina, a town on the Greek mainland. We were full of trepidation as it's here that our Mercedes van spent a few weeks this summer at the Mercedes Team 24 garage having its engine replaced. But at least we knew a good hotel. This morning we waited in the sunshine at Igoumenitsa port for the ferry to take us to Corfu, where we're collecting three dogs and two cats — all holiday romances. Ioannina — you can just about see the Mercedes garage that replaced our engine earlier in the year Batman and [...]

Three blind cats have a new home in Ireland

Also on board from Nine Lives Greece are three blind cats, Angel, Ginger and Stevie. They've all been adopted by Anne who lives in Ireland, where she has a cat paradise waiting for them. We are very impressed by these three on the journey — they've already found their food and water and used their litter trays. Angel Ginger Stevie Ginger and Angel this morning

Support Nine Lives Greece — buy their 2013 calendar

Cordelia and her team at Nine Lives Greece manage a 'catch, neuter and release' programme for stray and abandoned felines around Athens. Each cat and kitten they come into contact with is individually assessed, and there are always some who are judged unable to survive on the streets. That's the case with the five cats who're joining the Animalcouriers trip to the UK: two have had amputations and the other three are blind. Once they had all been neutered and had any other treatment required, Cordelia and colleagues got in touch with friends and supporters to find them loving new homes. [...]

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Cocker Spaniel Lucy is moving to Sheffield

Maria has been looking after pretty Cocker Lucy who belongs to her friend Deppy. Deppy has moved to Sheffield with her fiancé, where she is studying for a master's in crime scene investigation. Now we know why she's so organised! Maria joined courier J for breakfast and said she would like to go to London to study. She also said she would miss Lucy very much, but that she's going to Sheffield at Christmas and will see her again then. We warned her to take some warm clothes with her! Maria saying a fond goodbye to Lucy [...]

Can anyone offer Caesar a new home?

We were very sad to leave Caesar behind at the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens. Conrad from the UK-based Friends of Animals — Nea Filadelfia group that supports them says that if anyone in the UK is interested in adopting him, the transport costs will be covered. Please email Kiki at if you can offer Caesar a permanent home. The lovely people taking care of him at the shelter say: "Caesar is a shy boy, but he really loves dogs and loves to play with them. 2.5 years with a chain is a very very long period." Caesar

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Batman and Robin

This dynamic duo are travelling with Animalcouriers from Greece to live in Scotland with Fred and Sandra who have adopted them. Both had a pretty difficult start in life as abandoned kittens, and both are now tripods following life-saving surgery to amputate a front leg. Fortunately, despite living on the streets, they came into the care of Nine Lives Greece thanks to alert members of the public. Nine Lives Greece organised and raised funding for their operations, found them a wonderful convalescent foster home with Sydney and her cat Chief, and ultimately a 'forever home' with Fred and Sandra. You can read [...]

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