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Zeus, Chloe and Phaidra — and Caesar who still needs a new home

Zeus is a fine-looking chap who's on his way with Animalcouriers from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens to his new home in the UK. Also on board are sisters Chloe and Phaidra. Along with their brother Caesar, they've been at the shelter for more than two years, and everyone is so pleased they have found a new home for the rest of their lives. Their brother Caesar hasn't been so lucky yet, but he's good-looking and patient and we hope he'll find his own new home very soon. Zeus Chloe Reading microchips Glad to say they [...]

Collecting dogs from the Filozoikos Shelter

This trip we are bringing a number of dogs to the UK from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens, on whose behalf the UK-based Friends of Animals — Nea Filadelfia group works extremely hard, especially finding new homes for the dogs. Kiki who is in charge of the shelter says they're caring for more dogs than ever before, and everyone seemed to agree. While we chatted we didn't notice a couple of our small blankets had 'gone missing'. As we started to say goodbye we had to laugh as we saw them being put to good use as raggies for a game of tug o' [...]

Lovely Ella has joined our trip

After a day spent island-hopping, Ella reached the port of Volos where she spent the night in the care of a vet. This morning Spyros brought her punctually to our rendez vous. We had to do a very quick handover and get going before we were nabbed by a traffic warden! Ella seems very calm about her travels, completely resigned to all the to-ings and fro-ings as if she knows it's all for the best. Ella's arrival with Spyros Ella on board Calm and alert

Billy the Pug is moving to London

Billy the Pug joined our trip to the UK in Athens. This character dog was brought to us by his owner Eva, and her mum. Pharmacist Eva is moving to London to work, and Billy is going too. While we checked Billy's paperwork Eva told us he likes sleeping, tends to snore, and doesn't like to be woken up too quickly. Sounds like a typical man to us! we said, and everyone had a good chuckle. Billy with Eva and her mum Billy gets settled in for the trip

Sam is with Alexander

Animalcouriers delivered Sam, the fourth of our Raisdoodles puppy passengers, to Alexander in Glyfada yesterday evening. There was great excitement all round. If our experience on the trip is anything to go by, Sam will be a very loving and lively companion for Alexander. Sam gets a very warm welcome… …and plenty of cuddles  

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