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The adventures of Ella from Skopelos

When Gillian and her family were on holiday on this Greek island earlier in the year, they met a dog called Ella, who looks like a small, almost-white Labrador. Living in a field, Ella is one of many stray and abandoned dogs who are taken care of by the Skopelos animal charity, SCAN. Gillian is determined to give Ella a new home in the UK, and an amazing team of people have come together to help make it possible. There are so many logistical issues. Skopelos is part of the Sporades archipelago, one of just four of the archipelo's 24 [...]

Sam is an inquisitive puppy

The fourth Raisdoodle puppy travelling with us is Sam, who's off to join Alexander in Athens. We've been in touch with Alexander over a number of weeks working out the best way to transport Sam from Hereford to Greece. It worked out well that he could join this trip and he's been our constant companion, enjoying lots of fuss and new experiences along the way. Tonight we board a ferry at the Italian port of Ancona, heading for Patras in Greece. We've booked a special cabin for people with pets, so Sam will be with us throughout. Perhaps he'll join [...]

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Ruby reunited, energetically

Black Lab Ruby has been a very friendly passenger who enjoys her walks. To start with, she was reluctant to get in and out of the van by herself, so courier M had to lift her. Yesterday she finally overcame her suspicion and climbed back in by herself — of course, the waiting Bonio may have had something to do with it! She started her journey in Peebles, Scotland, and yesterday evening reached her new home in Provence, where she was reunited with Laura who has relocated there. We chatted about how wonderful the weather was — it will be [...]

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