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Update for owners – spending tonight in the Calais area

Animalcouriers is staying tonight in the Calais area — we've already booked our usual hotel, the rather grandly named Chateau Tournelles Le Wast. They usually put us in their annexe — which means we're near the van — and leave us a cold supper accompanied by some wine. That will put us in a good position for a Channel crossing tomorrow at around 09.30am, getting us to Dover for about 10.30am local time. About an hour later we'll reach Maidstone services where we'll say goodbye to one of our passengers. We'll then continue to our base in Caterham in Surrey, arriving [...]

Little Arrow has made himself right at home

Lisa was quick to let us know that Arrow had settled in well, and to share with us her recipe for the pumpkin cookies that ocurier M had so enjoyed. She recently sent us a couple more photos of this adorable Welsh Corgi pup, saying: "I just wanted to say thank you again for getting Arrow safely to us (and doing the driving, or most of it!). We are really enjoying him being part of our family, and I can't thank you enough for your care and professionalism." Big cuddles for the family's favourite fellow A fine [...]

Heading north, rain turns to snow and our thoughts turn to X Factor

As we head north, the rain starts turning to snow, but we still get a great view of Mont Blanc. It's at this stage of a trip that we have the chance to reflect on our passengers, now that we've got to know their personalities. A number of them are quite strong on vocals and display other remarkable talents, so we've decided to organise them into tribute bands named after some well known, and some lesser know, artists. First up it's Vinnie, Donna and Pepper — Vinnie and the Jets. A truly energetic blur of fur as they pull us [...]

Lia, Woody and Buzz

Lia and her pups were very chilled out this morning, watching with grave interest as we walked the other dogs. They had indoor play as it was bucketing down with rain. They are a very close trio, usually to be found sleeping in a heap with their heads on each other's backs. Buzz gives his Mum Lia a friendly lick Very curious about the comings and goings. Maybe there will be a biscuit treat? Woody also waits patiently for a biscuit No wonder their family is so excited about their imminent arrival! [...]

New experiences for us in Vercelli

Last night we stayed in a part of Italy that's new to us — Vercelli, in the north west corner, bordering France to the west. Near the Fiat factory we found the very trendy Garibaldi Hotel. Our wonderful hosts guided our van into a secure area of the garden, locked the gates, and offered us water and a bag of biscuits for the dogs. We don't actually make our choice of accommodation based on the chance to enjoy gourmet food, but once in a while we're lucky enough to experience a true gastronomic treat. The hotel's highly rated restaurant offers [...]

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Island-hopping Suki

Lovely tortoiseshell cat Suki is travelling with Animalcouriers from North Cyprus to the UK, her ultimate destination being the Isle of White. Angela wrote to tell us how she and her husband came to adopt Suki: "Suki came into our lives in 2004. A very persistent cat who would not take no for an answer when gaining our affection to keep her. On the fifth day she returned to us limping and with a hole in her side, feeling very sorry for herself. She had been bitten by a snake. She was returned by KAR after having treatment from vet [...]

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