We spent last night on the northern outskirts of Rome and this morning made our way to the vet to have the dogs’ internal parasite treatment done, and all the pets’ paperwork updated.

On this trip we’re entering the UK with the same paperwork as before, but presented in a new way. Vet Maira was very interested in the new veterinary certificates and we shared stories while the dogs had their treatment.

We know that if the staff on duty at Calais don’t recognise this paperwork or have any doubts at all, there will be a delay when we come to cross. We tried to contact the Calais port office and Animal Health at Dover to get verbal pre-clearance, to make it seamless, but both offices have their answering machines on. So we’ve decided to cross the Channel on Monday morning instead of Sunday, as all the offices will be open again by then and any clarification required will be easy to get.

Maira blows down Megan’s nose so that she swallows her tablet

Meg proved a little bit of a challenge with her tablet until Maira resourcefully found a tin of meat!

All those signatures and not enough space in the boxes for long microchip numbers…