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Fifi’s story

Fifi from North Cyprus is travelling with Animalcouriers to the UK, to live with Martin and Helen, who met her while they were on holiday earlier this year. Martin wrote to tell us a bit more about Fifi and how they came to adopt her: "Fifi is clearly managing the trip well from the ongoing blog and pictures, which is absolutely fantastic by the way. She seems to like Vinnie! Fifi first appeared in our lives in March this year as she was seen running around a farm at the back of us with a larger Alsatian. Fifi spent long [...]

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Toys for little boys who have everything

Stopping for fuel on the Italian A1, we came across these great little replica cars designed for playing with. There's no denying a strong historical connection between Italians and their car industry. Raising their children to appreciate the finer side of auto design doubtless helps to preserve this interest. So many to choose from… Race you! Mini fire engine

Visiting the vet in Castiglioni del Lago

We spent last night on the northern outskirts of Rome and this morning made our way to the vet to have the dogs' internal parasite treatment done, and all the pets' paperwork updated. On this trip we're entering the UK with the same paperwork as before, but presented in a new way. Vet Maira was very interested in the new veterinary certificates and we shared stories while the dogs had their treatment. We know that if the staff on duty at Calais don't recognise this paperwork or have any doubts at all, there will be a delay when we come [...]

Hedgehogs for dinner?

Last night we were offered hedgehogs for dinner! Our Italian is limited to say the least, and a very helpful waitresswas guiding us through the restaurant menu. She told us with great enthusiasm that she had very nice hedgehogs, and how tasty they were. Needless to say we were very concerned, and asked: "Are you sure they're hedgehogs? Small animals with lots of spikes?" Horrified, she protested that no, they were vegetables. Suddenly the penny dropped and we realised she meant artichokes! Delicious, we agreed, and ordered them immediately. The restaurant gave us them 'on the house' to show that [...]

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