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A holiday romance for Michelle

Following a holiday romance this summer in Puglia, Michelle and her family are now the proud owners of three dogs! We collected this gorgeous trio earlier today from Sabrina who has been taking care of them. Michelle told us the story of how it all came about: “We arrived at our holiday villa in Puglia and while we were settling in a very skinny dog was walking around the villa barking. The owners told us about the huge number of strays in the area and told us to ignore them, not to feed them and not to leave bin bags [...]

Interesting stone structures around Puglia

In the Puglia area we saw a huge number of these beautiful and interesting stone structures — built using what looks like a dry stone walling technique. We're stumped to know what they're for. Anyone out there have any idea? (This is a genuine question, not a quiz — so no prizes, not even for the most imaginative answers!! not even for Doggy) This one is narrower at the top Some kind of courtyard? Enormous stone beehive??

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Our crossing last night from Greece to Italy

We arrived in Italy this morning at the port of Bari. The only sailing last night from Igoumenitsa was with Superfast Ferries, who are fairly strict about not liking dogs to be left in vehicles. When we made the booking with our Turkish agent, she warned us that we would probably have to place the dogs in the ferry's own kennels on the top deck. Obviously we didn't want to do this, as we knew it would be stressful for the dogs. But we had to take the booking as it was the only one — so we decided to [...]

Holly, Monty and Bella are heading for the UK

These three lucky dogs belong to Joanne, who's written to tell us how each of them came into her life, and all about their very different characters: "Holly is a Lurcher who we rescued in the UK and brought to North Cyprus with us in 2006, along with her brother Henry. Unfortunately 15 months later Henry died of cancer and that’s when we found out Holly had a heart condition. She became very clingy and was sad at not having anyone to play with. We gave her lots of cuddles and attention but it didn’t seem enough. "When Monty the [...]

Don’s new home is in Casablanca

This gorgeous puppy is not so wee — he stands 80cm tall and is 105cm long. Nor is he really called Don. His new owners will name hime once they get to know him, but he needed a name on his passport and Don was chosen. Animalcouriers took Don on the first leg of his journey from Surrey to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. From there he'll fly to his new home in Casablanca. Couriers S enjoyed her day with him, except for the occasion when he decided to practise his wolf howl — an eerie wail that made her [...]

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When Maureen met Megan

Maureen and her husband are moving from North Cyprus to the UK, and their dog Megan is travelling with Animalcouriers to join them. Maureen told us how they found Megan: "My husband found Megan when she was about five weeks old. He was working in our garden when she came trotting by all on her own looking just like the Andrex puppy with a tail that wagged so much it made her bum wiggle. After two weeks of searching for her owner with no luck we accepted the fact that she was ours. Over the past two years she has [...]

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More on Bertie from North Cyprus

Handsome Bertie belongs to Sheree. He's on our trip from North Cyprus to the UK, where the family is relocating. Sheree tells us: "We got Bertie and his sister Bonnie from KAR in June 2007 when they were kittens. Unfortunately Bonnie died in May this year. Bertie is a very loving cat and always wants to be around people. He likes a lot of cuddles and he has become part of our family. Our granddaughter in the UK met Bonnie and Bertie when they were small and is looking forward to Bertie coming to live in the UK with us." [...]

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