Sofia, her dog and her donkey

Sofia's lovely Golden Retriever is always to be found at the entrance to the Thrassa Hotel, either just outside the front door or heavily disguised as a welcome mat. Her donkey has a little paddock by the side of the path, so it's easy to stop for a chat as you pass by. She's clearly very well loved, with a necklace round her neck, a hay store ready for the winter and a little palace of a shed to sleep in. Sofia thinks the donkey is a bit lonely, however, so is planning to get another one to keep her [...]

Meg and Fifi

Meg and Fifi enjoy being walked together. On the way, we met some police dogs being walked in the opposite direction. A strong feeling of cameraderie sprang up as we compared stories in broken English! When we got back, courier J stopped to find a way to fix Meg's travel compartment door open, so that she could lift her up. Suddenly, Meg sat back, jumped up, and performed the perfect landing into her compartment, turned around, sat, and presented her face for a hug! That makes her today's 'girl of the trip'. Fifi having a good look around [...]

Last night at the Hotel Thrassa

We were given a great welcome by Sofia when we arrived quite late last night. This place is such a treat we've started to make it a regular stop. Sofia is happy to accommodate animals — in addition to us with 10 dogs and two cats, there were three police vehicles with 12 dogs, and group of six hunting dogs, and Sophia's own Golden Retriever and donkey. Everything is beautifully thought out with some quirky touches that raise a smile, both inside and out. All over the hotel there are little nooks and crannies — 'losings' and 'findings' if you [...]

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